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Quebec Eases Casino Restrictions

Some great news is on the horizon for gambling fans from Quebec, as the provincial government announced an ease in health and safety restrictions. Starting from Monday, casinos, as well as bars and restaurants will be able to operate in their full customers capacity. However, there will be still some health and safety protocols in place, says the government.

After being closed down for several months, casino properties in Quebec were allowed to reopen and restart work this summer. The gaming amenities had to operate in a limited capacity, with very strict health protocols in place, thus making it harder for them to recover from the previous shutdown. But now restrictions will be eased.

Now Accepting Full Volume

The Provincial Government of Quebec informs that in order for patrons to enter a casino with the new protocols, they will be required to provide proof of vaccination. Also, when indoors, they will be also required to always wear a protective face mask, with the exception of while dining at casinos’ dining amenities or regular restaurants.

According to the new, government measures, casinos, bars, and restaurants will not be required to work in reduced capacity anymore. Group reservations are once again on the menu for restaurants, provided that the group consists maximum of 10 individuals per table or the occupants of three residences. In some places, social distancing will also be reduced to one meter.

Reservations will also return for casinos as the same conditions also apply here. The gaming properties will also be allowed to return to normal hours of operations but with a limit of 2 a.m. and alcohol cannot be served after 1 a.m. Visitors of clubs, pubs, and casinos’ live entertainment venues must remain seated at the table. While dancing, singing, and karaoke are still not available.

Lotto Vax Promo

In order for the province to return quicker to the normal way of life, the provincial government launched a lotto vax promotion which aimed to encourage more people to get vaccinated for the unprecedented situation. In June, Health Minister Christian Dubé’s office announced the initiative, which gave residents the chance to win some hefty prizes while also getting the jab.

Final Results

The lottery promotion consisted of several cash prizes for adults and scholarships for teenagers who get immunized. In August, there were four weekly draws, that were followed by a final mega round that determined the winner of the big CA$1,000,000 cash prize. The big winner of Quebec’s first-of-its-kind lotto vax promo was Williams Carrière, from Montérégie.

Also, the final draw determined 16 scholarships for teenagers worth CA$20,000 each. The names of the winners are – Alexis Côté from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Vicky Delisle from Laval, Emanuel Bédard from Center-du-Québec, Charlie Noël from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Bouchard from Quebec City, Raphaël Blais from Center-du-Québec, Rose Gauthier from Montreal, Francis Hénault from Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean, Alexandra Audet from the Outaouais and Rothnisa Leav from Montreal.

Source: “COVID-19 rules lifting for Quebec bars, casinos and restaurants starting Monday”, CTV News, November 1, 2021