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Shorelines Casino and Staff Now Closer to an Agreement

There has been some development in the Shorelines Casino Belleville’s recent dispute of unfair wages. It seems that the management of the gaming properties and the staff members have reached a tentative agreement. Now, on Wednesday, Unifor and the casino will vote on the ratification of the recently struck tentative agreement between the two sides.

On Friday, more than 90 unionized workers from Shorelines Casino Belleville have walked off from the job in order to form a picket line in front of the property. Staff is unhappy that even after the recent raise, more than half of the workers are still on the minimum age. But now the dispute is one step closer to being resolved.

Tentative Agreement in Place

Jerry Dias, National President of Unifor has most recently addressed the situation. He said that he was impressed with the solidarity and activism of the Shorelines group in Belleville. In his opinion, the employer and owner of the casino – Great Canadian Gaming Corporation has tried to test the workers’ determination, but the staff has remained strong and achieved their common goal.

Unifor Local 1090 President Corey Dalton has also weighed in and said that he wants to see the dispute getting resolved at the bargaining table by agreeing to new and improved wages. According to him, the union’s entire negotiation team is at the location and they are willing to work out a deal suitable for the casino and the workers.

According to Unifor information, members from the casino who work at table games, food and beverage, kitchen, and guest services have gone on a strike due to unfair wages in the first contract. If the tentative agreement is ratified, then the picket line will stop and workers will be able to return to work. More details should be released after the ratification.

Illegal and Unsafe

On Monday, October 25, Vice President of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, Chuck Keeling came up with a statement regarding the workers’ protests at Shorelines Casino Belleville. Mr. Keeling said that he understands the reasoning behind the strike, however, he believes that it is illegal and unsafe as on Saturday the protestors blocked the parking lot via the main entrance.

Due to the blockade, staff members and guests of the gaming facility resorted to parking in the nearby hotel’s parking space or even on the roadways. However, on Sunday, the situation was eased, as vehicles were allowed to enter the property every ten minutes. Due to the lack of staff members, the casino is now operated by its management.

Still in Recovery

Additionally, Great Canadian Gaming Corporation claimed that the casino is in a difficult financial situation as it still recovering from the unprecedented situation. Since, the breakout of the virus in March 2020, the property in Belleville has been closed and reopened several times now. After being closed down in March, the casino was allowed to reopen this summer, but under restricted capacity and strict health protocols.

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