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Beware of New Gaming Text Message Scam

Local media outlets warn Mississauga and Brampton residents of a new text message scam, that is being sent out. The text message is addressing the person by name and it offers them a welcome bonus of CA$1,000 if they click on the link and register in the alleged gaming platform. Be sure to not sign up for any suspicious links and sites.

A local resident received such a text message offering him a hefty bonus by signing up at a questionable website. He then contacted the local media to spread awareness, and help protect other residents of the two regions from getting their personal information and accounts stolen by the tricky scammers.

Beware of Text Message Scam

According to the text, the scammers are offering a hefty gaming welcome bonus to individuals who register at the provided link in the message. Residents of Mississauga and Brampton are addressed by name in the message, however, they should stay away as far as possible from the link as by registering they will be willingly providing their data to the defrauders.

Authorities believe that the scammers could have gotten to the information after back in April a huge Facebook leak led to the 533 million users’ phone numbers and personal info got posted on a notorious hacker forum. The leak included full names of the users, along with their phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and personal information from over 106 countries worldwide.

STAR Lottery Fraud

This is not the first instance of Canadian residents being the subject of an online scam. A while back, Albertan players received calls from fraudsters pretending to be representatives of the STARS Lottery and informing them that they have won a jackpot, but in order for the victims to withdraw the huge prize, they had to send out cash first.

The deceived were asked to send the cash to an address in Kamloops, B.C., and often the scammers asked them about more information such as personal or banking details, claiming that they would need the information for the cashing out of the alleged prize. The RCMP warns everyone to never share their personal information with strangers on the phone or online as it could lead to even graver consequences and not just losing a few bucks.

2019 Facebook Scam

Back in 2019, another instance of an online scam was when Ontarians became the subject of a Facebook scheme. Back then, the province had a wave of unlicensed lotteries, and scammers tricked the more gullible residents to take part in the said lotteries. The police department warns everyone not to share their details online and to report such schemes as soon as possible.

During the said scam, the defrauders convinced individuals that they had won a prize from the lotto, but in order to claim it, they needed to share their Facebook account details and provide a photo of their driver’s license. Thankfully, it occurred to the deceived individual that he might be a subject of an online scam and he contacted the authorities. The police were quick to deal with the manner.

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