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Ontario Starts iGaming Application Process

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has officially started its application process for operators and providers who are interested in joining the province’s new and regulated iGaming market. Candidates who intend on submitting their applications for licenses since September 13, 2021. The province will start granting licenses before the end of the current year.

The new and regulated iGaming market of Ontario should be launched by the end of the year, and it will allow third-party operators and gaming-related suppliers to participate in the competitive market. The new gaming offerings will be overseen and managed by the recently introduced iGaming Ontario. However, the new entity will not manage online gaming products by the OLG.

Applications Now Accepted

In order for participants such as operators and gaming providers to participate in the open market, they must be registered under the Gaming Control Act, 1992 by the AGCO. In their applications, companies will have to provide entity-level disclosure, including information and supported documentation, and personal disclosure, which includes information and supporting documentation for key individuals.

Operators will be required to register each and every one of the web portals they operate. Successfully registered suppliers will be able to provide gaming-related products and services to the land-based gaming markets as well. If suppliers currently hold a gaming-related registration and intend on providing content and service to the iGaming market, there will be additional contact information for them.

Gaming operators will also be required to pay an annual fee of CA$100,000 for each gaming site they oversee. They will also have the opportunity to choose between one or two-year options for the license and thus determining the payment fee. In addition to that, operators must also pay investigatory costs such as the processing of their applications.

The suppliers’ fees will be split between developers of gaming equipment and all other categories of gaming providers. Manufacturers must pay CA$15,000 annually and suppliers of gaming-related equipment and services will be required to pay C$3,000 per year. Similarly, to operators, the supplier may also choose between one year or two-year contract.

iGaming Ontario

iGaming Ontario is the new entity that will be tasked with overseeing and managing the new online regulated market, which expects plenty of interest from operators with the legalization of single-sports betting. The new institution is a subsidiary of the AGCO but it will operate separately and it will have its own staff and board of directors. Also, the entity will be assessing and granting licenses to operators later this year.

First Week Results

The gaming market of Ontario is currently enjoying a great deal of betting volume as most recently the province introduced regulated single-sports betting for the first time via the PROLINE+ digital sportsbook. The new platform reported a CA$1 million in wagering for just the first week of the new legislation that allows betting on singles. Over 74% of the total betting volume was placed under the new offering.

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