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New Players Enter Ontario’s Virtual Space

BetRegal is here to transform the virtual gaming field of Canada and make it possible for more patrons to experience diverse gaming today. Its Canadian team knows just what local patrons need right now and their long experience abroad promises lasting impact. With the help of decades of experience, this leader is well-positioned for the local market.

Mike Mirtl is the Canadian founder and Chief Executive Officer willing to explore the budding online gaming field of Canada, as it opens to new players and more diversity. Local players have shown their preferences towards a wider range of gaming products, wagering, and more. This is the reason why they are often drawn towards offshore gambling platforms.


In an attempt to keep Canadians within the borders of the country, at least when it comes to online gambling, the government has been considering online gaming expansion. Ontario is ready to welcome new players on the local field, meaning that Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation would no longer be the sole provider of gaming content for patrons.

BetRegal is one of the new entities Canadians could enjoy, as it greenlights its presence on the local field. It has upwards of seven years of experience in the European area, with thousands of fans across the continent. The free play platform allows individuals to palce bets on their favorite sports team whenever they feel like it. Thanks to the decades of experience abroad, it has been refined and improved, ready for Canadians to explore it.

Mr. Mirtl made it clear that now is the perfect time for the platform to be launching in the homeland, because of the great progress the local government has made over the past half a year. Moreover, regular sports events are returning to their normal schedule and individuals will have more wagering opportunities. BetRegal Play For Free Sports Book and Casino brings a well-rounded experience to its players around the clock.

Field Expansion

Patrons use BetRegal pints to place wagers online for free and they feel the thrill of the real game. Some of the prizes they could bag are CFL/NHL/NBA game tickets, various merchandise items of their favorite teams, as well as real-life experiences leaving a lasting memory. Supporting local sports brands is another important strategy the leader will implement. In Ireland, the company supports Dundalk FC, for instance.

Ontario is on track to modernize its gambling industry. After public consultations with the province’s Attorney General the proposed online casino legislation initiative received a green light. Consultation with the public will have a huge influence on the consumer protections which will be implemented with the new regulations. Additionally, anti-money laundering protocols are also heavily discussed along with determining the role the private sector will entertain in the local’s digital gambling.

Media company Torstar Corporation who usually specializes in the media industry of news has expressed its desire to enter the Canadian online gaming market. The media outlet is currently cooperating with former employee Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Jim Warren, who will help them by providing his much-needed understanding of the gaming industry

Source: “Canadian Team Launches Its Internationally Successful BetRegal Platform at Home, with Free Play Sports Book“, Yahoo!, July 29, 2021