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Poll Says 75% of New Yorkers Wager in New Jersey

New York mobile sports betting is among the hot topics over the past few months, as the state is preparing for the official launch of the offering. According to a recently issued survey on the preferences of wagering fans, some 33 percent of the adult population of New York State is willing to place a bet when mobile wagering becomes legal. strives to keep individuals informed on everything sports wagering, which is also the reason why it performed a survey on the general attitude towards this gambling activity. It could be recalled that the state lawmakers are currently preparing for the official launch of a mobile sports betting platform offered by a leading provider that is yet to be pinpointed.

Mobile Sports Betting

In an attempt to gather more opinions and get a better perspective on sports wagering on a state level, the poll aimed to ask as many and more diverse questions as possible. Individuals participating in it had to share their personal preferences on gambling and the way they envision sports betting to take place in the virtual space.

It should be noted that some 27 percent of all adults currently residing in New York State participate in some form of sports betting. This could be with the help of offshore gambling platforms allowing wagering on sports events or other legal websites allowing betting. This percentage also includes in-person wagering at one of the brick-and-mortar facilities featuring a sportsbook. However, once mobile sports betting becomes possible, the percentage is projected to surge.

One in every three individuals of legal age would be interested in placing a sports bet at least once when the platform is up and running. When it comes to frequent and regular patrons that will keep the field booming, the percentage rises significantly. According to the survey, some 63 percent of the sports betting fans are ready to place sports bets online at least once per week, or a minimum of four times per month.

Future Projections

The poll has also revealed more preferences when it comes to the providers of sports wagering. FanDuel is supported by some 22 percent of the participants, followed closely by the runner-up FOX Bet with 21 percent. Bet365 has captured the attention of 19 percent of the patrons, equal as BetMGM. For the palyers above the age of 35, the ultimate favorite wagering platform remains DraftKings.

A main concern for the lawmakers, traveling to New Jersey for legal mobile sports betting has been confirmed by the answers given. Some 75 percent of the adults of New York State have crossed the border at some point to place a bet on one of the mobile betting platforms available in neighboring New Jersey. Super Bowl 2022 could be the first one to see mobile sports bets placed by New Yorkers.

The month of July was an important one for the local sports betting field, as it saw the greenlighting of a highly anticipated Request for Applications seeking two platform providers. Following an initial delay, this process commenced and submissions are being sent. One of the main conditions requires the two providers to have a minimum of four gaming operators as partners.

Source: “Study Reveals Nearly 5 Million New York Adults Plan to Wager on Sports When Regulated Mobile Betting is Launched“,, July 28, 2021