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Off the Charts: Lotto Max Set for CA$117m in Prizes

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has revealed that this week’s Lotto Max draw will be a record-breaking one. There will be a total of the whooping CA$117,000,000 in prizes during the next draw for the fan-favorite game. The main prize is now at its peak of CA$70,000,000 and in addition to that, there will be 47 Maxmillion prizes each worth CA$1,000,000.

Lotto Max is a quite popular draw-based game across Canada, draws for the game are held twice per week. In order for players to win the huge grand prize or the Maxmillion ones, their tickets must match all seven winning numbers from the corresponding draw. Tickets for the fan-favorite game start at CA$5, and the winners are drawn every Tuesday and Friday.

Hundreds of Millions Up for Grabs

A spokesperson for the Crown corporation Tony Bitonti said a few words on this week’s second-to-none prize pool. In his words, this draw is a precedent as the Canadian lottery has never seen so much in prizes. Mr. Bitonti explained that if ticket sales hit a surge, even more, Maxmillion prizes could be added for the next draws.

This week can be a massive one for many lotto players, as the Lotto Max jackpot currently stands at the CA$70 million mark and it patiently awaits its winner. The grand prize has amounted to its maximum as it has been a while since anyone has claimed it. Additionally, there are 47 Maxmillion prizes in Tuesday’s draw each worth CA$1 million.

Despite no winners for the grand prize, four people from Ontario were drawn as the winners of a Maxmillion prize, each and every one of them going home with CA$1,000,000. The winning tickets were sold in four different locations, the first one being Sault Ste. Marie. The other lucky ticket holders were from North York, Windsor, and Mississauga.

Last CA$70 Million Lotto Max Winner

The previous winner of the maximum amount of Lotto Max jackpot has been won by a Noelville couple in February this year. Marc and Dorothy-Ann Meilleur’s luck has certainly paid off as the fortunate pair is now in possession of the impressive CA$70,000,000 jackpot. Their ticket was drawn as the winning one in the February 26 Lotto Max draw.

Kirkland Lake Ticket Holder

Another substantial lotto winning from the same game was the Kirkland Lake resident Grover Adams in April. The 60-year-old man saw his ticket being drawn as the winning one and matching all seven numbers in the April 20 draw of the draw-based game. He has the hefty amount of CA$15 million to his name. He now prepares for earlier retirement and his sight set on the many fishing trips that he plans to make.

Another Kind of Winning

Recently, there has been a major winning in the country but not from a lotto game, inform the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation. A prince Albert woman has hit the Vault Breaker jackpot at the Ramada. Louisa Halkett is now the next Canadian VLT millionaire with her major winning of CA$1,400,000. The winner plans to purchase a new property and a brand-new truck with the winning.

Source: Davidson, Sean “$117 million up for grabs in Lotto Max’s record-breaking drawCTV News, June 6, 2021