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Cascades Casino Langley Set For July Reopening?

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment has suggested that its British Columbia casino property – Cascades Casino Langley could be set for a potential reopening on July 1. However, the gambling reopening will only be possible if the provincial government’s recovery plan goes according to schedule and enters Stage 3 of reopening businesses.

The casino property has been shut down for more than a year now along with the province’s other gaming entities. All of them were suspended after the occurrence of the unprecedented situation on March 16 last year. This has been the cause of major discontent among local casino workers who have been waiting for the return of the industry.

Industry Restart Plan

Tanya Gabara, director of public relations for Gateway Casinos and Entertainment stated that the company was very excited to see that the casino properties were included in the new economic recovery plan. She also said that the corporation is looking forward to welcoming gambling fans back, but this could happen as early as July 1, 2021.

The company’s B.C. casino property has been closed down for more than a year now, despite its Match Eatery and Atlas restaurants have already reopened. Ms. Gabara continued her comments by saying that they have put an enormous effort into securing the casinos in order to provide a safe environment for both patrons and staff members.

The City of Langley has also been severely struck by the unprecedented situation since the casino which one of its major sources of revenue has been non-operational for 15 months. The gaming hotspot shares 10% of its net revenue with the city, as the amount is determined by the city’s gaming regulations.

Thanks to the casino’s economic contribution and its financial injections the city has been able to help out numerous projects such as bridge deck repairs on 200th Street, Douglas Crescent rehabilitation between 204th Street and 208th Street, and work on 56th Avenue. The potential reopening of the casino property comes as tremendous news for the city.

Diners Reopening

Previously, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment provided information update on its Match Eatery diners in B.C that were relaunched in March. Shortly, after the opening, the company had to close down the indoor areas of the diners after a ban on indoor dining. Despite the ban, the restaurants such as the Okanagan Match Eatery continued to work by offering delivery and takeout food services.

On Schedule

The gaming leader has also offered a status update on its latest casino project in B.C. The company assured that CA$87 million Cascades Casino Delta is going well and is on schedule. A spokesperson for the company shared that the construction of the elevated concrete is in its final stages, and workers will soon shift their focus to building the steel elevator cages.

Source: Claxton, Matthew “Langley casino could be back open on July 1”, Aldergrove Star, May 27, 2021