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Who Will Be Stanley Cup’s Next Winner?

It has been quite a while since a Canadian hockey team has won the Stanley Cup, and many hockey fans are wondering whether this year could actually happen. For the first time in a while, a Canadian team could in the final as two Canadian teams are among the last four teams in the competition. The BCLC has revealed the odds for all teams ahead of the last few games.

The Crown corporation oversees all gambling and lottery offerings for the province of British Columbia, and it provides a diverse portfolio of gambling solutions to the fans with both online and in-person products. However, despite its rich catalog, the corporation successfully advocates responsible gambling as players’ health is of utmost importance.

Odds Revealed

Recently, on its official site website of, the Crown agency revealed its odds on the Stanley Cup, as the competition is drawing its conclusion. A Canadian team has not won the tournament since 1993, and local teams have failed to reach the final for almost 10 years now. However, this year might be it as The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens are among the last four standing.

The Canadians are the team with the third-best odds of 7.00 and have received 7.8% of the total placed bets on who will emerge victorious in the competition from fans on Crown’s website. This is only slightly more than the Winnipeg Jets with 7.7% and 23.00 odds. Led by Connor McDavid – Edmonton Oilers are with 14.00 and 7.6% of bets placed on them to win the competition.

The Montreal Canadians are the other Canadian contestant with 36.00 odds and with a 5.3% betting volume place on them to win the tournament. Then, we have the US-based Colorado Avalanche who many consider as favorites for winning the cup, with 8.00 odds and by far the most backing among gamblers as 8.2% of the betting volume went their way.

The most anticipated match in the USA is the first of its kind Florida Panthers versus the defending champion of Tampa Bay Lightning in an All-Florida playoff clash. Despite being considered as underdogs for the game, the Panthers with a 2.37 coefficient have gathered 70% of the bets to proceed to the next round and eliminate the Lightning with 1.57 odds.

Super Bowl Novelty Bets

Due to single-event betting being unavailable in the country Canadians were unable to place direct bets on the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl LV between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs. In light of this, the Crown corporation still found a way to keep players entertained and introduced over 550 novelty bets for the occasion.


Besides, the usual sports betting offerings the Crown corporation offers plenty of other interesting gambling options that are not based on sports events. Just ahead of the Oscars this April, the Crown has revealed its wagering on the awards. The novelty betting included wagering on Best Actor, Best Actress, and of course Best Picture as those three were among the most desirable betting categories among fans.

Source: “Can a Canadian Club Claim This Year’s Stanley Cup?”, BCLC, May 14, 2021