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BCLC Still Seeks Lotto 6/49 Millionaire

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is always striving to make gaming enthusiasts happy and potentially change their life with a big win. This is the reason why it cannot allow an unclaimed prize to simply expire without several notices. A Lotto 6/49 Guaranteed Prize amounting to CA$1,000,000 is set to expire on March 18, 2021, while the Crown corporation is still searching for the winner.

Winning the lottery could be a life-changing experience for any ticket holder and some people are dreaming of the moment for years. In the meantime, there are people with a winning ticket that for one reason or another fail to collect their prize in a timely manner before their expiry date and miss their chance.

Guaranteed Prize

Someone in British Columbia is threatened to lose their CA$1-million prize if they fail to claim it in a timely manner. They have only a week left to do sobefore the Guaranteed Prize reaches its expiry date and is gone forever. The Crown corporation makes it clear that the ticket holder with the lucky piece of paper has purchased it in the northern Vancouver Island region of British Columbia.

Individuals hailing from this region are reminded to check their pockets, purses, and drawers at home for any misplaced lottery tickets that could possibly change their life for good. The Lotto 6/49 ticket eligible for the Guaranteed Prize was purchased last year, ahead of the March 18, 2020 Lotto 6/49 draw. Ever since then, the prize has remained unclaimed and not a single person has contacted the Crown corporation, claiming they are the winner.

What should be pointed out is that the ticket has the number 19117903-02 printed on it, signifying that it is the winning one. This was the number drawn in the additional Lotto 6/49 draw for the CA$1-million prize. It is printed below the six numbers used for the Main Prize draw of the Lotto 6/49 popular game.

March 18, 2021

There is still time for the patron to claim their prize, but for the time being, it remains unclear whether the winner is a single-player or a group of friends playing lottery together. They could hail from Alert Bay, Telegraph Cove, Port Hardy, Coal Harbour, or Port McNeill, and not even realize that they are British Columbia’s latest lottery millionaire.

It could be recalled that first revealed that British Columbia Lottery Corporation is still seeking this winner earlier this year. Back in January, the Crown corporation reminded that there are a couple of months left before this ticket expires forever. Throughout 2020, the BCLC gave around CA$691 million in lottery prizes alone, and the corporation is looking for a way to add another million to last year’s statistics.

The first days of this year witnessed a Quebec Max ticket worth CA$1,000,000 expire. Loto-Québec was looking for a lottery winner for more than a year to no avail – someone eligible for a lottery windfall failed to collect their prize in a timely manner and a CA$1,000,000 prize was lost forever for them. The Quebec MAX ticket in question became eligible for the cash payout on July 5, 2019.

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