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Vancouver Resident is the Latest Lotto Max Millionaire

It is no secret that Canadians rate lottery-based games very highly, and that is understandable due to providing people with a variety of offerings and generous rewards. This has also been the case for one of the recent Canadian millionaires, a Vancouver resident who has claimed a CA$1 million prize from the Lotto Max game. Making him the next player that fate has smiled upon.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation oversees the gaming and lottery offering in the province. And over the years it prided itself in always finding new and creative ways to provide lottery fans with the best possible games and rewards. Over the course of 2020, the Crown agency has delivered around CA$99 million in Lotto Max rewards only.

Setting Sails

Yee Mon Gin was the lucky ticket holder to be drawn as the next lotto millionaire after the Lotto Max draw on October 30, 2020. Mr. Gin explains how he is a regular ticket buyer and how he was shocked upon realizing that he had won the MAXMILLION prize. He also explained how he shared the great news with his son who was quick to match his father’s excitement and joy.

The winner of the CA$1 million prize expressed his eagerness to take a cruise since he is a huge fan of them, and he is currently waiting for the unprecedented situation to cool down in order to be safer when traveling. The 85-years-old also said that he will gladly share the prize with his family and is currently enjoying life.

Bancroft Winner

Reports emerging from Bancroft regarding a local man becoming the next lotto millionaire after winning CA$1 million from the Lotto 6/49 game. The 57-year-old Brian Woodcox was the lucky player this time, and on November 18 2020 his numbers were drawn as winning ones. He shared that his choosing method for the numbers is based on family members’ birthdays and anniversaries.

Mr. Woodcox discovered that he had won after scanning his ticket using the OLG Lottery application, and he and his mother could not believe their own eyes. The winner added that he is more than happy to share the huge prize with his family who in his words deserve it. And as for him, he will be treating himself to a new TV and furniture.

Fortune’s Favorite

Langley resident Eileen Bevis has found herself in a quite fortunate situation as well after seeing that her ticket was worth CA$4 million. All thanks to a last-minute change of heart when Ms. Bevis decided to purchase a Lotto 6/49 ticket which later made her a millionaire. She shared her plans of investing a portion of the money and donating some to cancer research organizations and animal welfare.

Lotto 6/49 Winner

Leslie Hasman was yet another lucky Canadian to benefit greatly from the lottery games. The West Vancouver man won the stunning amount of CA$9.3 million on New Year’s Eve. Mr. Hasman explained how he had to look for his reading glasses since he thought he was seeing zeros after scanning his ticket. The Hasman residence will never forget the December 30, 2020, Lotto 6/49 draw, which changed the family’s future forever.

Source:Vancouver Man is Smooth Sailing after $1-Million Lotto Max WinBCLC, February 16, 2021