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Someone in Manitoba is CA$60 Million Richer via Lotto MAX Ticket

According to the Crown Corporation reports this Saturday a random Winnipeg player has woken up with a winning 6/49 ticket and with CA$60,000,000 to his or her name, winning the Friday Lotto Max jackpot. Making this the highest ever jackpot won not only in Winnipeg but also in the Manitoba region.

The winning player or players saw their ticket match all main seven numbers from the January 22 6/49 draw, which is one of the most popular games if not the most popular games among the players in the area. The winning numbers drawn this Friday were: 11, 21, 23, 25, 28, 41, 43, and 10 as a Bonus number.

Record-Breaking Ticket

The Crown corporation confirms that this is the highest ever jackpot won on the Winnipeg territory in the 6/49 this Friday. The holder of the winning ticket has the difficult task to deal with the CA$60,000,000 Lotto Max jackpot, which will certainly be quite useful for him. The previous record-breaking ticket was registered back in 2005, which saw a CA$27,200,000 6/49 winner, and in 2009 was the previous record of CA$50,000,000 Lotto Max jackpot but on a provincial level.

The January 22 draw also pleasantly surprised a Quebec ticket holder who won one of the six Maxmillion prizes, making him CA$1,000,000 richer. The draw was also generous enough to a British Columbia and Alberta players have also registered winning tickets by guessing six of the seven drawn numbers right, and each won CA$306,129.

Starting from today ticket holders will have up to a calendar year to claim their respective prizes, and in order to do so, they will have to verify their tickets by contacting WCLC player care. As for other players they should not lose hope, since the next draw for the Lotto Max jackpot is announced to have a CA$15,000,000 prize, and it will take place on January 26.

Lower Mainland Winners

British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced this Sunday that the CA$8,000,000 will be split between two winners who purchased tickets for the 6/49 draw. The first one was purchased in the Lower Mainland region and will pocket the crazy amount of CA$4,200,000, and the other one was registered in Quebec who claims the other half of the jackpot. Both players have guessed all six numbers right – 5, 17, 21, 29, 41, and 43.

Dream Come True

57-year-old Deng Pravatoudom wins CA$60,000,000 Lotto Max jackpot in Toronto, after playing with the same numbers for over two decades. But these are no ordinary numbers according to the winner, she explained that 20 years ago, her husband saw the numbers in a dream, and she has been playing with them ever since. The draw took place on December 1, 2020, the hefty prize will be of great use for the Pravatoudom family.

Fan Favorite 6/49

It is no surprise that the 6/49 game has always been a fan-favorite among lottery players, and this continues to be the case to this day. Ontario ticket holder has been registered as the latest 6/49 winner making him a millionaire with CA$8,730,601 payout. The draw took place on January 9 and the winning numbers were 4, 8, 18, 24, 31, 32, and 40 as a bonus number.


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