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Kingsway Entertainment Complex Future Still Engulfed Mystery

As it has been for quite some time now, the future of CA$100,000,000 entertainment arena is yet to be decided, while Sudbury City Council still hasn’t decided where the location will be. The new multi-million project was announced almost 4 years ago and it will supposedly include a casino under Gateway Casino’s jurisdiction. City Council of Sudbury is still deciding whether to opt for the project or not, due to public backlash.

Recent reports claim that the council will now even consider other possible projects for the Kingsway entertainment district such as parking off Minto and Shaughnesy Street that previously were out of consideration for the project. Then there is the possibility of a total revamp of the old downtown arena, which in 2021 will 70 years old.

What the Future Has in Store

Other sites or revamping of the existing arena, those matters were revealed in Wednesday online meeting of the city council, which came as a bit of surprise, since councilors have supported the Kingsway project over the last 3 and a half years. Councilor Robert Kirwan expressed his frustration on the matter, claiming that the project should not be brought up again after all difficulties with LPAT and the Superior Court.

Mayor Brian Bigger requested the whole city to cool off on the arena debate until it is officially presented in the City Council this spring. Mayor Bigger advised the council to take in mind all facts and consider possible risks of such a project since the locals are reluctant to approve of an entertainment district that includes a casino.

Also, councilors must take into consideration how committed are Gateway Casinos to building gambling facility in the Kingsway district since a land-based casino will be able to generate great revenue for the whole area. In addition to that councilors are awaiting an official plan for the suggested hotel, which will most probably be impacted by the current financial crisis.

Never-ending Debate

The proposed CA$100,000,000 Kingsway Entertainment complex in June 2017 purpose was to attract more visitors to the area and providing all kinds of entertainment, with the ability to bring both gambling enthusiasts and families. However, it remains to be seen how many parents will be willing to take their children to such a complex since it might have the best of impact on the children.

Then in December 2020, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, rejected the appeals for the construction of the ambitious CA$100,000,000 project, thus blocking the construction from starting. By replacing the Ontario Municipal Board, the tribunal aimed to optimize and facilitate the legalization process, which was not the case at the end of the day.

Recently there has been some concerns in relation to the gambling facility overseen by Gateway Casino in the Kingsway Entertainment District since the whole project has been on hold for quite a while. Adding to that is the fact that all Gateway Casino’s land-based venues have been suspended from operations in the unprecedented situation of 2020. And the main priority of the company right now is to put all its available resources into reopening already established casinos.

Source: White, Erik
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