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Ontario Instant Lottery Fans Win Up to CA$500,000

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation strives to bring its players the most advanced and intriguing gaming offerings ready to keep them entertained and possibly becoming richer than ever before. This year brings a brand new gaming offering called INSTANT PLINKO coming from the popular game show The Price is Right beloved by individuals across North America.

Keeping players around involves the regular introduction of new products riveting enough that they purchase them and explore the special features they come with. INSTANT PLINKO is among the riveting new products coming to the lottery gaming field of Ontario at the very first week of this year. The special new ticket costs some CA$5 ranking it among the most affordable ones.


The first days of the New Year usually bring a feeling of something new, a fresh start for many people. The clean slate they have could bring them grand prizes with the help of this new The Price is Right lottery game the Crown corporation brings to the table. Individuals interested in scratch and win tickets are in for a treat, as this one will bring them enhanced experience.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has guaranteed players a well-rounded experience including both the lottery ticket in their hands and a physical PLINKO board located in the retail locations offering these new tickets. This way the player could continue their gaming session in an immersive way in-person and try their luck for bagging up to CA$500,000 if they are lucky enough. It all depends on their INSTANT PLINKO ticket.

Once they scratch it, they will find out the cash prize they are eligible for and whether or not they are in for a treat in-person. Upon the official launch of this new ticket on January 4, retail locations across Ontario have been equipped with the special PLINKO board familiar from The Price is Right game show.

Grand Prizes

Individuals interested in this new offering will have to make their way to their nearest retail location, in order to complete the lottery experience. Lottery retailers are also interested in offering this new ticket, as they will benefit immensely from their sale. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation greenlighted a new initiative linked to INSTANT PLINKO, giving back to the retailers.

Profits generated between January 4 and March 31, 2021, from the sale of this new ticket will be redirected back to the retail locations and support their ongoing operation. This is a reason enough for these hotspots to feature INSTANT PLINKO in their portfolio of instant lottery products on display. There are upwards of 5,300 retailer owners on a provincial scale and the past ten months have had their impact on their operation too.

The Crown corporation’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Duncan Hannay, pointed out that the increased sales of new products are then supporting the province of Ontario, as well as the people across all communities. The odds coming with the new INSTANT PLINKO ticket are 1 in 3.97, whereas the top prizes come with 1 in 1,071,000 odds.