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Jewelry Thief Hiding at Fallsview Casino Resort Now Vetoed

Fallsview Casino Resort is one of the gambling hotspots in Niagara Falls, Ontario, which has been attracting a large crowd of individuals on a daily basis. One of the patrons making their way there was ready to leave with more than just a gambling payout. Fareed Khan pleaded guilty this week to snatching rings amounting to some CA$4,000.

The gaming hotspot draws people from near and far with its diverse offerings including both gambling areas and more family-friendly zones with retail stores. Premium jewelry could also be located on the premises of the casino resort and many individuals frequent the store which happened to also attract the 55-year-old driving instructor in question.

Theft Under CA$5,000

Mr. Khan made his way there in February this year and had a good look at the sparkling jewelry on display there. During his hearing, he made it clear that he wanted to see some of the rings placed in a locked display case. The employee unlocked the case and presented some of the chosen rings so that the individual can have a better look at them.

This is when Mr. Khan grabbed as many as eight rings and quickly made his escape. Later on, he was located at the casino venue where he was still in possession of all eight of the rings he stole. An Ontario Court of Justice in St. Catharines saw charges of theft under CA$5,000, linked to the driving instructor. The situation in question took place before this spring’s lockdown which left the casino venue and the adjacent hospitality services empty for months.

This week Mr. Khan pleaded guilty to the charge and faced the consequences of this behavior. The theft resulted in as many as four months of a conditional sentence. In addition to that, Mr. Khan will also remain unable to visit Fallsview Casino Resort in the upcoming weeks. The ban will span over a total of 16 months.

Stolen Rings

This includes both gambling activities at the casino floor and shopping at the adjacent retail locations. Booking rooms at the hotel is also out of the question. Judge Deborah Calderwood had the chance to speak her mind this week. She pointed out that there has not been any information regarding the motives of stealing from a jewelry store.

Mr. Khan has neither confirmed nor denied he has a gambling issue he was trying to cover with the theft of rings amounting to some CA$4,000, but he was located at the casino venue soon after he stole them. Judge Calderwood told Mr. Khan that he has to find another way to make ends meet, despite how challenging that might be during this unprecedented situation. This is not the driving instructor’s first rodeo either.

He has a previous conviction once again for the same type of crime. Theft under CA$5,000 has been his plan once again at the beginning of this year. His lawyer defending him made it clear that his financial situation is not the best right now and that eventually triggered the theft.