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Fallsview Casino Entertainment Center Welcomes Everyone April 2

Niagara Falls, Ontario is ready for a year of riveting live shows and stellar performance as the new Fallsview Entertainment Center is eyeing its completion date. The premium 5,000-seat new venue recently issued an exciting schedule of live performances over the upcoming months, that could easily make Niagara Falls one of the hotspots for entertainment in Canada. Its ribbon-cutting ceremony is projected to take place this spring.

When it comes to live shows and the venues that could accommodate them, casino resorts are often an image that comes to mind. Las Vegas is known as the mecca of live entertainment with some of the biggest stars hosting regular shows at the bigger casino resorts. One of the reasons for this is that these buildings come with entertainment venues large enough to draw a crowd.

Live Shows Coming to Niagara Falls, Ontario

In Canada, casino complexes are also willing to attract live shows, as this diversifies their offerings and pumps up the family-friendly factor. However, Niagara Falls wants to step up its game and take things to a whole new level. This is expected to happen with the completion of the Fallsview Casino Entertainment Center in the spring months of 2020.

Indications that this is the period of the year the management is looking forward to were given this week, as Fallsview Casino issued an assorted palette of live shows to be sprinkled over the year. April 2 is the first date on this new schedule, kicking things off with a country rhythm and the true spirit of North America. Brad Paisley is about to have a special night for everyone to enjoy.

His World Tour 2020 is about to have its Niagara Falls event commence at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are on sale starting from CA$80. Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort and Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment is about to oversee the day-to-day operation of the new event center in a collaboration eyeing great results and excellence on a provincial level.

April 2 Sees First Show

Projections right now are that the event center would be able to host up to 300 live shows for both Canadians and tourists from across the world to see. Some of the shows announced recently are the live event of Jason Derulo on April 9. He is going to reserve the third live evening with tickets retailing for CA$45. In order to appeal to a wider crowd, the event center would also welcome ZZ Top joined by Cheap Trick on May 15.

The live show would commence at 7:30 p.m. and tickets would sell fat CA$60 or more. The summer months are also projected to see premium events, celebrating June with Kesha: The High Road Tour. June 4 is about to see the live show commence at 8:30 p.m. and it should be taken into account that the tickets for it start at CA$50. The Fallsview Casino Entertainment Center is directly linked to existing premium Fallsview Casino Resort.

It has been confirmed that the location is also going to feature an extensive parking space alleviating the parking situation in the city. Operation on site is going to provide as many as 800 individuals with permanent job positions. Right now, people are often drawn to Fallsview Casino Resort’s Avalon Ballroom which is a host of many live events. However, it has the capacity to welcome only up to 1,500 individuals.