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Luxurious 5,000-Seat Entertainment Center Pledges Niagara Falls Will Become Event Hotspot

Niagara Falls is bracing for the launch of a long-anticipated entertainment facility that has the potential to reshape the city’s image and draw an even larger crowd to it. It is going to be directly linked to existing premium Fallsview Casino, meaning that it will elevate the gambling location on a new level of family-friendly offerings. It has been recently confirmed that the location is also going to feature an extensive parking space alleviating the parking situation in the city.

Locals and everyone interested in the project development commonly refer to it as the 5,000-seat entertainment center that is projected to bring an interest surge to the area. The overall amount of cash poured into the construction of this venue up until this point reaches CA$130 million provided by Niagara Falls Entertainment Partners. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation pinpointed the consortium as the most suitable candidate for the project and ever since the fall of 2017 work on site has been in progress.

Entertainment Center Adjacent to Fallsview Casino

June 2019 is eyed as one of the milestones in Niagara Falls’ since this is when the new theatre is expected to launch operation introducing new entertainment offerings to the area. Construction work is in progress right next to the gambling venue next to the Hilton Hotel, which is a busy high-traffic area with potential. Some of the first questions people asked soon after the plans for construction were issued were related to the parking potential this new venue is going to have.

Since this area is known for its many visitors and cars, there is also the issue with finding suitable parking spots, as they are often not enough. Projections are that the new venue will provide casino patrons, tourists, as well as live event enthusiasts with the needed parking space. It is crucial that the new center does not aggravate the area with increased traffic and unnecessary commotion.

For the time being, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Spokesperson Tony Bitonti preferred not to reveal any more details, saving them for the launch. The entertainment center is going to be directly linked to Fallsview Casino thanks to an enclosed pedestrian walkway that will make the access to it even easier.

800 New Job Positions Created as a Result

Casino patrons are among the main target groups of this new offering, but it is also considered a family-friendly offering meaning that individuals of all ages could enjoy the rich schedule it is going to have on offer.

Operation on site is going to provide as many as 800 individuals with permanent job position and reliable income which was an expected boost to the local job market. Most of them are projected to be locals, but as a result of the live events and other performances at the new theater, Niagara Falls could see up to a million individuals making their way there.

It is going to draw worldwide famous stars for live concerts, shows, and various attractions. Its 5,000-people capacity is what makes it special and the potential host of many memorable evenings. Right now, people are often times drawn to Fallsview Casino’s Avalon Ballroom which is a host of many live events. However, it has the capacity to welcome only up to 1,500 individuals, which ends up being insufficient.