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Hefty VLT Jackpot Bagged in Saskatchewan

Western Canada Lottery Corporation is the lottery leader that keeps on giving and this was confirmed once again with the recent jackpot winning in Saskatchewan. A Vault Breaker jackpot of CA$1,075,213.58 was recently bagged at the Kipling Motor Inn where players could enjoy video lottery terminals whenever they feel like and eventually bag the progressive jackpot.

These gaming devices are renowned across the Canadian provinces with their quick-paced gaming potential and the fact that they are available in bars and restaurants, whenever the players could possibly spend a while gambling. This allows them to give their luck a try and test the waters, which could turn into a memorable evening. One of the latest gaming sessions at Kipling Motor Inn confirms that.


Bob Heintz is the individual who managed to become eligible for the grand jackpot that is progressively collected via video lottery terminals sprinkled all across Saskatchewan. Players across the province have helped for its growth with their gaming sessions and now it was time for someone to actually bag it and have their life changed for the better.

Vault Breaker is the popular gaming offering coming with these video lottery terminals and players have been preferring it over the years. For the winner hailing from Newton, Manitoba, this jackpot is the first one ever. At first, he had a rather different idea about the amount he became eligible for, thinking that the jackpot estimated to CA$1,000. This is when the woman behind him corrected him and pointed out that the prize is much larger.

The idea that he is a millionaire has not dawned on him, as he put it since it was all so unexpected. Mr. Heintz had been playing for a while on that particular lucky video lottery terminal when the machine began chiming and giving all visual cues that the player had won a jackpot.

Vault Breaker Jackpot

For the time being, gaming on video lottery terminals located in some of the bars and restaurants in Manitoba and Saskatchewan is a good alternative to casino gaming which comes with its limitations and special protocols. It could be recalled that casino venues and bingo halls in Saskatchewan relaunched their daily operation back in July. Gambling hotspots in Manitoba also saw their return earlier this month.

Individuals interested in in-person gaming have the freedom to do so with the special safety measures protecting them and casino staff members. Video lottery terminals are projected to continue being popular across the province of Manitoba despite the reopening of casinos. There are some 4,200 of these devices, all linked in a network fueling the progressive jackpot. It should be noted that the jackpot pays out before it reaches CA$1.5 million.

The minimum value of this jackpot is CA$500,000. There is also another VLT jackpot up for grabs – the regional one with a minimum value of CA$5,000. It usually pays out before it reaches CA$25,000. Projections are that this gaming offering would become even more popular in the upcoming weeks.