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Salon de Jeux Quebec City Relocation Triggers Locals

Salon de Jeux currently located in Quebec City could soon see its relocation to a new address, but this decision has managed to stir the pot on a regional level. Community organization La Ruche Vanier eyes August 31 as the date on which it will greenlight a petition aiming to prevent this relocation from happening. Local individuals refuse to be portrait as incapable of making responsible choices.

The gaming hall overseen by Loto-Québec is on the verge of relocation to Beauport in the fall months of 2021. The last days of November 2021 could see the gambling hotspot change its address and welcome an entirely new audience of individuals interested in in-person gambling. The number of video lottery terminals coming with it will remain unchanged.

Petition against Relocation

The distance between the two spots is about 10 kilometers which has managed to stir the pot on a regional level. One of the main selling points of this relocation has been the fraction of people making their way there. They hail from the area and seek an easy way to amass a fortune while gambling on the popular VLTs.

In the past, local officials have expressed their concerns that the gaming hall threatens their bankroll, as it attracts vulnerable individuals and capitalizes on their desire to become richer. This new location in Beauport is set to have a positive impact on the demographic of people making their way there. This was among the recommendations made by a recently published study on the impact of the gambling hall relocation.

Loto-Québec further clarified that this move could improve the social acceptability of the gaming hall bringing various gambling machines and premium products to the Beauport area. The Crown corporation aims to protect the people part of the vulnerable population and provide them with all the resources addressing any problem gambling tendencies they might observe. Now the community organization plans to launch a petition on the subject.

November 2021

La Ruche Vanier pointed out that the people hailing from the region are fully capable of making good choices for their life. François Labbé, Director of the organization, stated that the Quebec government has shown a certain level of prejudice when it comes to the people of Vanier. Locals have expressed their discontent that they have been qualified as vulnerable.

The Director also pointed out that gambling addiction is not a prevalent part of the issues these people have to face on a daily basis. He reminded that they have been through a lot in their lives but making smart choices is a thing they are fully capable of doing. Jonathan Trudel, executive vice-president and co-founder of Trudel Alliance, oversees the Fleur de Lys shopping center where the gambling hall is currently located.

He said that locals and people traveling there for gambling have expressed their disappointment with the relocation announcement. Moreover, he claims that the data used for the recently issued evaluation dates back to 2014 and it is irrelevant at this point in the conversation.