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Shorelines Casino Belleville Enjoys Expanded Roadworks

Belleville is ready for optimized traffic in the area of the popular Shorelines Casino, as a roadwork project recently reached the end of its Phase One. The highly anticipated Bell Boulevard expansion was greenlighted this week with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the vicinity of the casino complex. Traffic lights are also working now and the area is fully functioning.

This week was a rather special one, as it saw the official completion of the first phase of a read expansion that has been in progress for quite a while. Bell Boulevard is one of the main traffic arteries in Belleville making its way to Shorelines Casino and optimizing the overall traffic in the area.

Bell Boulevard

Local officials were present at the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of the newly expanded area of the boulevard. Belleville Mayor Mitch Panciuk, along with numerous council members, government officials, as well as members of the project team were present and celebrating the major milestone for this road works project. It will aim to make transportation efficient and quick in the region, and subsequently in the entire Belleville.

The Friendly City has a total of three phases of expansion in mind for Bell Boulevard. The ultimate goal for this road expansion would be easier access for motorists, cyclists, as well as pedestrians in the future. It is no secret to anyone that traffic has increased in the area, especially once Shorelines Casino Belleville launched operation back in 2016. People have been making their way to and fro the casino venue, aggravating the traffic.

The impact of this opening has been felt across Belleville and a road expansion was considered a necessary step in the right direction for the local traffic. Widening the road with the help of new lanes added would seek to make the drive in the region much easier and efficient. It commences some 1.75 kilometers west of Sydney Street.

Expansion in Progress

Phase One of the Bell Boulevard expansion leads all the way to the entrance of Shorelines Casino, optimizing the drive there. Once the project reaches its final point, the casino hotspot will also boast new traffic signals, convenient turning lanes, as well as a sidewalk on the north side. In addition to that, the south side is also going to have a path accommodating various types of use for easier access.

Street lighting will make this widened road much safer, while landscaping is expected to make it easy on the eye. It could be recalled that back about a year ago, in the summer of 2019, the City of Belleville made a presentation at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario Conference. It unveiled the project and sought the mandatory environmental assessment of the road works.

Mayor Panciuk pointed out that one of the main concerns of local officials was the safety of people traveling in the area, as the increased traffic threatened their well-being on the road. The project is estimated to cost some CA$20.7 million and some CA$4.16 million came from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.