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Passport Technology Transforms Cash Casino Calgary, Red Deer

Passport Technology is ready to enhance the gaming experience of more Canadians with its latest move. It launched its cashless services at Cash Casino Calgary and Cash Casino Red Deer making it easier and safer for Alberta casino enthusiasts to enjoy in-person gambling. They will do it in the safest way possible via the advanced cashless payment solutions.

Ever since mid-March, brick-and-mortar casino locations have remained closed, as physical distancing is the mandatory practice. Individuals had to rely on lottery products and online gaming in order to keep themselves entertained and gaming active. Nearly four months following the closure and the beginning of the lockdown, Cash Casino Calgary and Cash Casino Red Deer relaunched operation.

Gaming Innovation

This happened at the beginning of this month when various casino locations across Alberta reopened and welcomed their first casino patrons in months. Now the people preferring in-person gaming in the regions of Red Deer and Calgary will have the chance to experience the premium technology offered by Passport Technology. Cashless gaming is here to stay, especially given the current circumstances.

The reliable ACM Owl cashless solution is going to safely launch at the two premium casino locations. Projections are that players making their way there would enjoy the optimized payment methods and everything coming with them. The platform itself is a self-service one that will also make it possible for the casino patrons to explore all its features on their own while also benefitting from the safety it brings to the table.

As a result of the new introduction of the Passport Technology products, the two Alberta-based casino venues are going to benefit substantially. They will bring operational efficiencies to the two gaming hotspots, while also improving the way people navigate the recently opened gaming space. They have to keep in mind the physical distancing that is mandatory within the casino venues and gambling halls of Alberta.

Premium Solutions

Introducing cashless gaming through this solution will also reduce the amount of cash people touch while gaming. Its self-service nature is also among the main selling points of this advanced ACM Owl solution powered by Passport Technology. What makes this solution the safest is the real-time reporting of the transaction cycle. Players also have the chance to benefit from dynamic fee structures, free play credits, as well as self-exclusion options.

Passport’s POSpod kiosks will also meet and exceed the expectations with their fast technology and user-friendly interface. Self-service is optimized with them. As for the ACM Owl technology, it is renowned for its transaction speed and support at all times. Kurt Sullivan, President of Passport Technology, pointed out that this new partnership is going to contribute to the overall success of the two casino hotspots.

Passport Technology recently made it clear that it will enter the premises of 16 more casino locations and gambling halls overseen by Gateway Casinos. They are located across British Columbia and Alberta and will strive to fortify the relationship between the two leaders. Pure Canadian Gaming casinos in Alberta also enjoy ACM Owl ATM solutions.