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Gateway Casinos Enhances Relationship with Passport Technology

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is ready for advanced gaming that could also protect players while they participate in their favorite activities. Passport Technology recently made it clear that it will enter the premises of 16 more casino locations and gambling halls overseen by Gateway Casinos. They are located across British Columbia and Alberta and will strive to fortify the relationship between the two leaders.

For quite a while, the conversation about cashless casino gaming within the borders of Canada has been in progress. There are many reasons why people believe it is beneficial and optimizing the pastime activity. In these trying times veiled in uncertainty, cashless casino gaming could also protect players from the threats of no physical distancing.

Cashless Technology

Passport Technology is ready to further support the casino leader of Canada with its premium technology. This next phase of their collaboration comes at the right time for both of the companies, as the in-person casino gaming field is going through a transformation. Up until this moment, as many as 12 casino venues overseen by Gateway Casinos have had the premium technology up for grabs.

They are located in the province of Ontario and have been benefitting from the premium technology for quite a while now. The extension to the existing arrangement is expected to improve their relationship and make it easier for players to participate in the gaming offerings once the venues in question greenlight their in-person gaming operation. The extension will cover the upcoming years of daily gaming.

British Columbia and Alberta hotspot are going to see the introduction of advanced technology such as CashValet, CashlessValet, and ActiveDataRT, all powered by Passport Technology. With the help of this new technology, the brick-and-mortar casino locations and gaming halls will be able to promote physical distancing and fortify their safety measures already in place. It will also make casino gaming more time-efficient.

B.C., Alberta Casinos Enhanced

Kurt Sullivan, President of Passport Technology, stated that the company is happy to collaborate with the casino leader of Canada, as this allows the cashless solutions to reach an even wider audience across a total of three Canadian provinces. At the moment, Gateway Casinos is working on the reopening plan of its 27 gaming locations across Canada. For the time being, only two of those have launched operation.

Alberta was the first Canadian province to greenlight in-person gaming following the nearly four-month hiatus. Two of those, Grand Villa Casino Edmonton and Starlight Casino Edmonton are overseen by Gateway Casinos and they have already received permission to recommence in-person operation. Passport Technology recently entered a new phase of its development, as Australis Capital Inc. is about to acquire it.

June 25 saw the announcement of the agreement. The first days of June also saw Passport Technology team up with another Canadian gaming leader. Pure Canadian Gaming casino locations across Alberta announced they were about to see the introduction of its CashValet cash access service and ACM Owl ATM solutions, in order to make their gaming experience a more optimized one.