Fraser Downs Preparing for Sept. 17 Live Racing Launch

Fraser Downs’ management is still optimistic about the eventual start of live horse racing in British Columbia. Harness Racing British Columbia President Randy Rutledge said that the popular racetrack is ready to see the official start of live horse racing on its premises in the fall months of this year. The last race took place in March this year.

The unprecedented situation across Canada led to the eventual closure of all brick-and-mortar casino locations, as well as the horse racetracks. The latter have prepared an extensive live schedule for the spring and summer months of this year, but the change of plans had to also introduce some changes to their previously discussed schedules. Fraser Downs was among those racing hotspots.

September 17

Ever since March, the racing location in Cloverdale has been closed, as physical distancing is the recommended practice. Horse racing fans were preparing for a riveting live season, however, life got in the way and changed everything. Horse people had to stay home and put training on pause.

It should be taken into account at regardless of the unprecedented situation, the horses needed daily grooming. This process was happening with all safety measures in place, in order to protect the health of all individuals taking care of the racehorses. Now that three months have passed since the lockdown commenced, it is time for some projections and plans to be made ahead of the live racing season star.

Mr. Rutledge had some thoughts to share on the subject. He pointed out that owners, trainers, jockeys, as well as everyone indirectly involved in the horse racing field, is excited for it to start. This could happen on September 17 and the date is being eyed by all horse racing fans ready to place a wager, support the horse people of British Columbia, while also hoping they win big. Training of the horse is in progress at the moment.

Preparation in Progress

They have to prepare for the upcoming races part of the rich schedule Fraser Downs has up for grabs. Mr. Rutledge pointed out that for the time being, nothing is set in stone due to the dynamically changing situation. However, he is optimistic that three months from now, the popular racetrack will be able to see the greenlighting of live horse racing. The 2019/2020 live season ended up incomplete.

It was supposed to end sometime in April, but then March 15 came and Great Canadian Gaming overseeing racetracks and casino locations decided that a lockdown is mandatory. Horse people of British Columbia are hopeful that this upcoming season running from September to April will be a well-rounded one, compensating all missed races in the spring of 2020.

The President also added that purses might see a slight decrease in size. It could be recalled that the Cloverdale horse racetrack made an attempt at holding live races without spectators, offering them the chance to watch online and place their wagers there. The casino operator overseeing Fraser Downs decided that the health of horse people is at risk and it should be protected with a complete shutdown of races.