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Atlantic Lottery Corp. Sees Increase in Online Sales

Atlantic Lottery Corporation reported a surge of its online gaming sales over the past several weeks, as social distancing is the recommended practice across the Canadian provinces. The online sales increase was estimated to five times, as it was recently confirmed by Atlantic Lottery Corporation CEO Chris Keevill. When all is said and done, the overall sales managed to witness a 10 percent slump over the past few weeks of lockdown.

This spring was a special one for the Crown corporation overseeing gambling across the Atlantic Canadian provinces. March 30 saw the official prohibition of lottery ticket sales regardless of their particular nature and players were encouraged to gamble online and make their lottery tickets purchases at The online platform became quite popular among locals.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation strives to make its gaming offerings as attractive as possible and ensure that players keep coming back for more. The diverse nature of the casino gaming available online prevents many of them from exploring offshore gaming platforms of illegal gaming. They also support the Atlantic Canada provinces and their coffers, subsequently their larger projects, beautification work, and more.

As a result of the changes that took place in March and April, players have turned towards online gaming and lottery tickets purchase, as it is a convenient method for many of them. Mr. Keevill pointed out that the increase in sales was fivefold and it was an unexpected consequence of the restrictive measures aiming to protect both the players and staff members. Despite that surge, he still said that the overall sales have decreased by 10 percent.

Mr. Keevill said that the advanced online gaming platform the Crown corporation has up for grabs might have prevented it from being financially harmed by this situation. He reminded that other lottery corporations across Canada have experiences issues with their gaming revenue and online gaming is the only thing keeping them afloat at the moment.

Online Platform Improvement

The Chief Executive Officer further praised the platform for being a more developed one in comparison, a fact that encourages registration and optimizes the process. Over the past five years, Atlantic Lottery Corporation has worked on it and the efforts are now bringing visible results. Such a surge of online gaming revenue motivates the Crown corporation to work more on it and introduce new gaming products in the foreseeable future.

Mr. Keevill also pointed out that the Atlantic Canadian provinces would eventually see smaller revenue allocations over the summer months, due to the 10-percent slump of sales. The Crown corporation unveiled that in the fiscal 2018-2019, it allocated some CA$422.2 million to provincial governments, an amount later reinvested in those very communities. Nova Scotia bagged the largest slice of CA$138.6 million, followed closely by New Brunswick with CA$130 million.

Newfoundland and Labrador received about CA$135.4 million from the Crown corporation, whereas Prince Edward Island bagged the smallest amount – CA$18.3 million. Over the past week, many retail locations across the provinces have reopened their in-person lottery tickets sale, as the provinces begin the gradual businesses reopening process.