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Cascades Casino Langley Might Reopen in Late Summer

Cascades Casino Langley would have to remain closed for the time being, as it was recently confirmed by the casino operator overseeing it. Tanya Gabara, Public Relations Director of Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, pointed out that the casinos overseen by the leader have not highlighted a particular date for their official reopening.

For the time being, Langley remains without a brick-and-mortar casino location to welcome its gaming enthusiasts, but they are encouraged to explore the gaming offerings available online. British Columbia Lottery Corporation strives to give them a wide array of online gaming products capable of meeting all expectations. Ms. Gabara made it clear that the casino operator is following the provincial direction closely in this dynamic situation.

Reopening in July-August

It could be recalled that all land-based casino venues and gambling halls in British Columbia closed for business on March 16 and ever since then, the Crown corporation overseeing them has been relying on the online gaming it is able to offer. is the premium platform welcoming an increasing number of individuals willing to explore the gaming products up for grabs right now.

Special promotions are also beckoning them with their promises of winning big and players should take into account that now is the time for exploring and working on their gaming skills in the comfort of their home. This would make it easier for them to be successful once brick-and-mortar casinos reopen for business. British Columbia has come up with a four-phase plan for the reopening of all businesses.

At the moment, the province is in phase one and only essential businesses work with customers, but casino venues are expected to also reopen with the adequate protection measures implemented. Every casino floor has its unique layout of the gaming products and would, therefore, require an individual approach for its reopening. The province is expected to witness the official reopening of the casino venue between June and September.

Langley Casino Improvements

The summer months could witness the official reopening of brick-and-mortar casino locations across British Columbia. They would be part of phase three of the reopening plan, including the opening of parks, schools, film production, as well as the launch of some entertainment facilities. Ms. Gabara made it clear that the health of casino staff members and patrons is of utmost importance.

They would be protected and casino launch would be possible only once the safety measures are in place. Mayor Val van den Broek also acknowledged that Cascades Casino Langley might be the last entertainment facility to open for patrons, but locals are encouraged to support its family-friendly offerings once their kitchens reopen. Those are the popular restaurants Atlas Steak & Fish, and Match Eatery that have attracted individuals of all ages.

The casino complex saw a CA$19-million expansion that added about 12,000 square feet to the overall footprint of the building. Gateway Casinos added 75 new slot machines, as well as three gaming tables. Match Eatery & Public House witnessed the addition of a premium patio area, along with the addition of the Atlas Steak + Fish. The adjacent Coast Hotel saw renovation too.