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Langley City Braces for Beautification Work Powered By Cascades Casino Cash

Langley has always benefitted from the proliferating casino operation in the region and Cascades Casino is projected to boost the region with its regular allocations once again. According to the recently discussed 2019 budget, casino venue operation is going to improve the community with beautification work and support of other crucial improvements in Brydon Park and Nicholas Park. Taxes in the region are also expected to see an increase, but they are offset by casino cash.

Casino operation is often viewed as a source of cash allocations that could be used for various projects across the community and its general improvement. Gambling operation generates revenue that is later shared with the community hosting the venue, giving it the freedom to use it as it deems appropriate. Such is the case with Langley City, British Columbia where Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has the capacity to boost the local coffers. According to the recently issued information, Brydon Park and Nicholas Park are going to benefit from the allocations.

Gambling Operation Boosts Local Projects

The budget for the upcoming year will feature operating expenses reaching some CA$51.8 million, as well as CA$10.1 million in capital expenditures. With the help of Cascades Casino Langley, beautification works across the two recreational areas will be introduced in the upcoming months and they will be funded by casino cash. The community would be able to enjoy exciting new spare time activities of family-friendly nature thanks to the gambling revenue support.

In addition to this, 203 Street located in the area of Fraser Highway and Logan Avenue is also going to see improvements as a result of the casino offerings available in the Langley area. Douglas Crescent between 206 and 203 Streets is another important target, as the Douglas Park War Memorial is located there and an improvement would be beneficial. Community members are being warned that once the weather conditions allow it, roadworks are projected to commence in the area.

Langley would also strive to become a more inviting location that takes its residents’ well-being seriously, which is why street lights would also be repaired with casino money. Projections are that the casino location is going to offer Langley some CA$7.6 million over the span of this fiscal year. It could be recalled that the previous fiscal year saw allocation reaching CA$6.6 million. Up until now, Penzer Youth Action Park saw new additions diversifying the existing offerings thanks to Cascades Casino.

Casino Expansion Set to Increase Gambling Revenue

A cheerful crowd rarely welcomes the news about tax hikes, but city lawmakers pointed out that gambling proceeds have proven beneficial in this sense too. They were used for the offset of the increase and now residential taxes would surge by 6.98 percent only. Cascades Casino prevented this percentage from swelling past the 8-percent mark. February 20 would give community members the chance to voice their opinion at the City Hall, whereas a final approval would be given on March 11.

The gaming location itself is set to welcome many new additions thanks to an expansion featuring improved offerings to the likes of a new bingo hall, a restaurant called Atlas Steak + Fish, a roof patio with a raised garden, and a 23,000-square-foot expansion. This would bring up to 100 people to the casino venue, offering them a reliable source of income and permanent employment. The overall cost of the expansion phase reaches CA$18 million and it should be finished by the end of this year.