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Casino Rama Resort Workers See Extended Benefits Payment

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment recently announced Casino Rama workers are about to see their benefits covered until June 30. The change came as the casino operator faced criticism about its approach regarding the situation involving temporary layoffs. The individuals associated with the casino resort recently learned their benefits would be covered until April 30.

The unprecedented situation across the Canadian provinces and territories called for special measures to be taken by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Mid-March, the Crown corporation made it clear that all brick-and-mortar casino locations have to close for business and players have the chance to gamble online at the platform. Casino Rama Resort was among the casino resorts directly affected by this decision.

Gateway Casinos Announce New Conditions

At first, the casino workers learned that their employer would cover their benefits for the duration of the temporary layoffs coming their way. It should be taken into account that the casino operator is legally obliged to cover the employee benefits for the time window of six weeks following a temporary layoff. This is what Gateway Casinos is planning on doing by the end of April. However, Unifor, the labor union protecting staff members wanted to see a change.

Unifor executive Deb Tveit actively participated in the conversation, making it clear that the casino workers should be treated with respect and understanding, calling for the extension of the benefits deadline. Orillia workers associated with the location expressed their frustration and anger due to the change of plans and sought the protection of their labor union. Most of them are unionized and could use the benefits coming with that.

Unifor sought a dialogue with Gateway Casinos eyeing a positive outcome of the situation and a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties involved. Mr. Tveit made it clear that the unprecedented situation calls for more flexibility from the casino operator and last Friday witnessed more development on the subject.

Benefits Until June 30

The casino developer listened to the increasing pressure across the Ontario province and recently announced its decision to extend the benefits payments until June 30. Gateway Casinos announced in a memo that the benefits extension would reach June 30, so that employees do not have to worry about essential medications payments or urgent care needs. Tshweu Moleme, a Unifor representative at the casino, expressed contentment with the results achieved.

He said that the ultimate goal of the negotiation process was reached and the employees working at Casino Rama could practice social distancing without worrying about their income and challenging days ahead. Some of them have reported health issued calling for the regular purchase of medications. Those are costly and benefits were needed. In the meantime, casino venues remain closed across the province.

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