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Casino Rama Resort Fortifies Venue against Coronavirus Threat

Casino Rama Resort is a popular tribal casino resort in Ontario, making it a hotspot for people from near and far. In order to protect its patrons and the staff, its management has been working on measures protecting them from the coronavirus threat raging all over the world. This includes improved hygiene measures making it harder for the virus to be transferred across the crowd of individuals making their way there.

COVID-19 has caused concerns and action around the globe, with measures taken across the industries. Individuals have the responsibility to protect themselves by washing their hands regularly and making sure they are wearing protective masks at all times. Containing the spread of coronavirus and preventing it from reaching new territories is essential at this time of uncertainty.

Elevation of Hygiene Measures

The worldwide goal right now is to prevent new people from contracting the virus that could possibly be lethal for them. Casino Rama Resort is the biggest tribal casino resort in Ontario and it enjoys large crowds of individuals on a daily basis. This includes locals, but it also means that people from around the world could also make their way to the popular casino resort.

In order to curb the spreading of the virus in Canada, Casino Rama Resort has opted for an escalation of its existing hygiene measures. Rob Mitchell, Spokesperson of Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, stated that now is the time for action, as an increasing number of individuals are concerned about their health and the consequences a virus contraction could have on them. The measures taken are nothing new for the casino floor.

Mr. Mitchell pointed out that the flat surfaces around the casino venue, such as table games and slot machines are being cleaned on a daily basis. The only difference right now would be that the personnel is now going to clean them on a more frequent basis throughout the day. Across the entire casino resort, people have the chance to encounter sanitation stations.

Casinos Struggles Worldwide

This is expected to prevent the spreading of various transmittable diseases along with COVID-19. Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital has been screening individuals for respiratory illness and would continue doing so, even though the public health risk on a national level has been assessed as low. Around the world, casinos have witnessed a withdrawal of Chinese players, felt hard in Las Vegas where the Chinese players amount to four percent of the overall travelers.

At the beginning of February, Macao also commonly referred to as the Asian gambling hub closed its casino locations for two weeks and this ended up bringing an 88-percent slump of the local gambling revenue when compared to February 2019. February 20 saw the reopening of those venues, but they have a limited number of tables open. Wynn Resorts, MGM Resorts, and Las Vegas Sands are some of the casino operators suffering from revenue damages.

In Europe, the popular King’s Casino in Rozvadov, the Czech Republic recently announced it would not welcome Italian players, as it strives to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. The renowned casino regularly hosts poker events with international players making their way there for the cash prizes and fame. Two cases of coronavirus contraction have been confirmed in Prague and the individuals had just returned from Italy. The ban covers March and April events for now.