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Quebec Seniors Go Out for Scratchers Despite COVID-19 Threat

Lottery offerings are among the most popular gaming activities Canadians engage with and this is no secret to anyone. One retail location in Quebec seeks ways in which it could reduce the COVID-19 harm on seniors, which is the predominant demographics drawn to this gambling activity. André Villeneuve advises players to stay home and participate in the online gaming offerings Loto-Québec has up for grabs.

The health emergency that has taken over the province of Quebec should not be underestimated. As of March 19, the province has confirmed a total of 121 cases of the novel coronavirus within the borders of Quebec. About 3,997 individuals are still waiting for their COVID-19 tests that would decide their further actions in these uncertain times.

Risking Their Life for Lottery

It should also be noted that 6,331 people have proven to be completely healthy and with negative test results. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, one individual of the province has died, a senior hailing from the Lanaudiere area. Quebec Premier Francois Legault recommends that people stay in their houses and practice social distancing, as this is one of the ways in which this situation could be managed.

People should stick to their place of residence and limit all non-essential traveling. Some 28 of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 are in Montreal, whereas 26 people of the Eastern Townships have contracted the novel coronavirus. In this situation, many people still make their way outside in order to run some errands and purchase lottery tickets for the upcoming regular draws. Moreover, many of them also purchase popular scratchers.

André Villeneuve manages a Familiprix location in the Montcalm district of the province. He pointed out that the senior residents of the area are still making their way to the retail location selling them lottery tickets for the various games, as this is also an entertaining pastime activity in the time of social distancing. However, this trip to the pharmacy comes with its risks.

Pharmacy Removes Lottery Tickets

The retail spot decided to put an end to its lottery tickets sale and do senior residents a favor. Mr. Villeneuve removed all lottery products from the premises of the pharmacy in an attempt to encourage people to use the online platform of the Crown corporation instead. Loto-Québec is known for the premium online presence it has at and players are welcome to make their way there.

Mr. Villeneuve thought about the root of the issue at hand and he has some conclusions to share. It is his understanding that the elderly feel like they have lost their autonomy with the change of the situation, making them eventually go out and venture for lottery tickets and anything else when they are said to stay at home. It is no secret that seniors are highly vulnerable to the contagious novel coronavirus.

Risking one’s life for a scratcher is not something the pharmacy is willing to enable, which is why its management decided to remove all lottery products, at least for the time being. Lottery enthusiasts would have the chance to purchase such tickets once the social distancing has been lifted and life goes back to normal. The Crown corporation itself recommends that players opt for online gaming instead, but retail locations across the province are still working.