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Pickering Casino Ready to Welcome Patrons this April

Great Canadian Gaming is ready for a new chapter of its gaming history, this time taking place in Pickering and transforming the local community. The casino operator officially confirmed that Pickering Casino Resort is well-positioned for its official launch on April 8. With several weeks left until the tentative date, the construction on site continues at full speed, as the leading casino company is willing to welcome its patrons in a premium atmosphere.

The large development project in the City of Pickering has been a topic of wide discussion for years now, as it is projected to propel the community forward and attract more eyeballs to it. Such a feat is possible thanks to the diverse nature of its various components, striving to attract a wider audience.

Gaming Expansion in Pickering

For quite a while, the casino resort part of the larger construction site has been closely monitored by individuals personally affected by the casino development in Pickering. The local entertainment scene is about to get even better after the official unveiling of this gambling offering coming with more family-friendly features. Pickering Casino Resort is here to transform the Durham region.

The first days of April are projected to see the official ribbon-cutting ceremony on the premises of the casino resort, allowing individuals interested to take a look and explore everything up for grabs there. Great Canadian Gaming recently shed more light on the integrated resort aiming to make Pickering a gaming hotspot and a popular traveling destination. The casino part of the resort is about to launch operation first.

Pickering Casino Resort’s second phase is about to be the launch of its hotel tower and the entertainment venue adjacent to it. They are about to welcome their first guests by the end of 2020, according to the projections made recently. Casino gaming appears to be a priority for the casino operator, as it would be able to fuel the project while the remaining phases are under construction.

Casino Rama Concerned about Pickering Casino

Great Canadian Gaming announced that it has been working tirelessly on the expansion taking place at Casino Woodbine, as well as at Great Blue Heron Casino Hotel. In addition to that, the casino operator has also continued its investment in the gaming industry in the West Greater Toronto Area. Ontario has been the center of attention and investment, as it was projected last year, but the casino developer also focuses on British Columbia and Atlantic Canada.

This would be the next phase of the casino development on a national level. Planning consultant Don Givens made his way to the Pickering council’s executive committee last week and shed more light on the upcoming months. He pointed out that traffic in the Pickering Casino Hotel area is expected to grow over the weekends, which could be alleviated by a soft opening. It should be taken into account that the new casino would pose a threat to existing casino resorts.

Casino Rama Resort management recently expressed its concerns regarding the new project, which would inevitably draw a slice of its existing patrons. Casino Rama is able to attract individuals hailing from Ajax, Pickering, and Markham. The rival casino would be the first competitor to come so deep into the catchment area of the Gateway Casinos’ casino resort. The true impact of such a launch is expected to be witnessed in the upcoming years.