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CA$140,000 GTD Power Weekend Coming to Kahnawake

Playground Poker is ready to embrace the exciting lifestyle once again and bring back the Power Weekend for yet another special monthly action. February 27 is about to see the first day of poker events attracting a crowd at Kahnawake in Quebec. One of the main selling points for this poker festival of sorts would be the guaranteed cash prizes surpassing the CA$140,000 mark. The eventual prizes are projected to increase even further.

Poker events are among the exciting things that make one’s life much more intriguing and are something to look forward to. Knowing that February 27 is about to bring the next Power Weekend at Playground Poker Club would be one of the highlights of the month for many poker fans.

Playground Poker Club

They are going to have the chance to explore everything it has up for grabs between February 27 and March 2. The first poker tournament is about to commence at 11 a.m. and offer players a re-entry option. Buy-in for this event would amount to CA$100 + CA$10, whereas the guaranteed prize pool is about to reach CA$5,000.

This same day is about to introduce the Playground 200 which is about to have its Day 1A next Thursday. Coming with a mandatory buy-in of CA$200 + CA$20 and starting at 7 p.m. is about to make this event one of the preferred ones. Its guaranteed prize pool would amount to CA$100,000 which is guaranteed to make it one of the preferred parts of this Power Weekend.

February 27 is also going to introduce the Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty Re-entry event with a buy-in of CA$150 + CA$20 + CA$50. Players often prefer this poker structure, as it brings diversity and excitement. February 28 is scheduled to bring two more starting flights part of the Playground 200 event. They would start at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. for a busy Friday.

Live Poker Tournaments

It should be taken into account that Playground 200 Day 1B and Day 1C are about to come with a similar mandatory entry fee as the first one. This year is a leap one and players would have the chance to play poker on February 29 as well. It is expected to introduce Playground 200 Day 1D and Day 1E once again with a similar buy-in. All survivors of the five starting flights are about to be reunited.

This is going to happen during Playground 200 Day 2 which is about to take place on March 1. It is expected to present more challenges to the players. The very beginning of March would also introduce the Single Rebuy event with a guaranteed prize pool of CA$5,000. On the following day, players are expected to witness several highly appreciated poker tournaments.

The 6-Max Re-entry is about to commence at 12 p.m. with a buy-in of CA$100 + CA$10. Around 7 p.m., the 6-Max 50/50 Bounty tournament is going to welcome them with CA$100 + CA$20 + CA$100 and a guaranteed prize pool of CA$20,000. The end of the Power Weekend at Playground Poker is going to see the official Final table of the Playground 200 and all winners making it to the official leader board.