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Synergy Blue Brings Arcade Nostalgia to the Great White North

Synergy Blue is ready to enhance the gaming experience of many Canadians thanks to the recently inked collaboration with Bet Rite. Players across the country will have the chance to experience premium gaming as a result of the new partnership between the Nevada-based company and the Canadian gaming supplier. Arcade-style, skill influenced games are on their way to the Great White North.

Players want to experience the vast world of gaming and have a new gaming title every single day. This high demand for new offerings means that providers have to work on new in-house titles and on partnering with new content providers. Synergy Blue is ready to enter the Canadian gaming market with this latest partnership with the Canada-based Bet Rite.

Synergy Blue Inks with Bet Rite

Bringing new gaming titles north has been among Synergy Blue’s goals for 2020. Players are now going to be able to enjoy gambling based on skills with an arcade nature, making it even more intriguing. Arcade casino gaming has gained popularity across North America, as it triggers players on an entirely new level. The video gamer in them is challenged to prove they have the skills to win big.

Some of the most popular skill-based slot machines are Arkanoid, Asteroids, Bust-a-Move, and ZForce. Each and every one of those brings a certain level of nostalgia, as players have the chance to go back in time to their childhood afternoons of arcade gaming with friends. Playing with the theme of nostalgia and taking a trip down memory lane, players could choose arcade casino gaming over traditional slot machines or table games.

Online gaming makes this distribution even easier, as Synergy Blue offers its proprietary gaming platform. Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming is about to make the gaming titles even more accessible to local players acquainted with everything up for grabs by Bet Rite. The collaboration is about to ensure that the platform is being supported at all times.

Arcade Casino Games Closer to Canadians

Georg Washington, Chief Executive Officer of Synergy Blue, expressed his excitement for the collaboration with such an established gaming partner. Bet Rite has over four decades of operation to its name, making it one of the leading gaming forces in Canada. This positions Synergy Blue well in the local gaming market facilitating further expansion with new offerings. Players will soon enjoy titles such as Candy Ca$h, Mahjong, and Safari Match.

Traditional video poker would also be available. Enthusiasts would also have the chance to choose between a single-title or multi-game configuration, making the time they spend gaming a more personalized one. ICE London 2020 is about to witness everything up for grabs by Synergy Blue. The creator is about to be positioned at stand S8-225 and have its premium gaming offerings on display for everyone to see.

Last year, the company was able to obtain a gaming license in Nevada, allowing it to introduce its gaming titles across Station Casino and Caesars Entertainment properties. Some of the latest titles part of the rich Synergy Blue portfolio are Joyride Jackpot, Lucked & Loaded, and more. The company is also open to collaboration with tribal casino locations in possession of a Class II gaming license.