Industry Reports

Technological Innovations Poised to Change the Gambling Industry

Thinking outside the box helped many casino operators to embrace the new technologies and make the best use of them, stimulating the attention of both millennials and the new generation of players.

At a time when technologies are constantly developing and changing the landscape of every sphere of life, it is not a surprise that people are looking for new experience and emotions. Nowadays, the gambling community around the world becomes a witness of the gradual replacement of the good old land-based casinos and classic gaming options, with innovative and revolutionized games and convenient online casinos.

The main reason why the casino operators are fiercely striving to stand on top of the latest innovations is that the modern world offers practically everything and people can get it whenever they want. In order to lead a successful casino business, it is of vital importance to somehow attract the attention of people to choose a particular gaming facility to play in.

Another problem, which the casino industry met in the recent years is the millennials, who started to lose their interest in the traditional games. At this pivotal moment, the operators started to explore new, more extravagant and interesting ways to diversify the gaming environment, incorporating many new digital solutions, drastically changing the gaming industry.

Skill-Based Casino Games

Discussing the technological advent, which affected the gaming industry, it is impossible to overlook the recently introduced skill-based casino games. Here it is worth to note that the outcome of these games is strongly dependent on the personal physical or mental skills of the player, rather than on luck.

Another important aspect is that the term “skill-based” has also a legal meaning, as in some countries the games of chance are outlawed. The skill-based casino games are subdivided into 5 categories, including arcades, puzzles, word games, trivia games, fantasy sports and card games.

The skill-based video gaming machines were firstly introduced to the casino-involved community by GameCo – a leading company, which is aiming to unite skill-based video games with real-money traditional casino floor games.

Virtual Reality Casino Games

The era of Virtual Reality (VR) casino games is upon us, and it is even enjoying a great number of players, who prefer it than the “old school” land-based casino environment. VR casino games are inspired by the traditional table games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and others. So far, everything sounds as familiar as old jeans, but here is the surprise – players can enjoy their favorite games with a live dealer, without the need even to leave the comfortability of their home. Only a decade before, that would sound most probably as a far-fetched dream, but now it is a reality.

The VR casino games have won many fans as these save troubles to wait in an overcrowded gaming facility, being “sandwiched” between a bunch of people, who are all waiting for their turn to take a place at the table. And at last, if you manage to reach somehow the table, it is a matter of life and death not to leave your seat even for a second.

Besides convenience, VR casino games save you the drive to the nearest gaming facility and hours of waiting in a traffic jam. The VR casino games broke any myths regarding the fairness of the game, as these actually take place in real time, broadcast via special HD channels.

Artificial Intelligence in Gambling

The phrase “Artificial Intelligence” has been used since the start of the modernization period. For years people talk about the possibility to create a “smart” software, which is to help people cope with the daily tasks. Nevertheless, it seems that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) found its way to enter the gambling environment as well. It was the middle of the previous century, when the first AI software was applied to the gaming industry.

Currently, there are several AI platforms on the gaming market, successfully incorporated in the online casinos. These track the players’ behavior and give the operators information about the customers’ needs and habits. Similar software, based on copying the human mind is used to detect any possible gambling addictions, even prior to their occurrence.

The AI was also applied to create a poker-playing machine, which is almost unbeatable. The experiment was conducted by some of the most prominent scientists and researchers in 2015, who managed to prove that AI software can beat the human mind even in a game, which is dependent not only on skills, but also on luck.