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River Rock Casino VIP Gaming Manager in Legal Battle for His Reputation

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation’s former Executive Vice-President of Player and Gaming Development worries that he might have been purposefully stopped from participating in the money laundering inquiry happening this February. Walter Soo filed a lawsuit claiming that upon being fired by the Canadian leading casino operator, he was asked to pen an arrangement preventing him from participating in proceedings.

British Columbia is preparing for the official launch of the public inquiry into money laundering, as it would shed more light on the illegal practices taking place within the borders of the province. Insiders are set to reveal more about the casino industry, but Mr. Soo might be legally obstructed from participating in the money laundering public inquiry. August 29, 2019 saw him being fired.

Mr. Soo Wants in on Public Inquiry

This is when it all started for him, as he was asked to ink a special agreement that essentially prevents him from applying for a spot at the public inquiry. He would not be able to share his experience and insider’s knowledge of money laundering practices across British Columbia. Mr. Soo used to be a Manager of VIP gaming at River Rock Casino and Resort in Richmond, one of the supposed hotspots.

Money laundering reports in the past have shown that this casino location was preferred by Asian high rollers and local loan sharks for their illegal schemes. The information Mr. Soo could potentially unveil during the money laundering public inquiry if he was granted a standing might have stirred the pot. He claims that he is the fall person in this situation, a position that led him to file a lawsuit in the British Columbia Supreme Court.

Upon being fired, he received some CA$443,000, or two years’ wage, as well as the possibility to obtain stock in Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. However, it should be taken into account that Mr. Soo refused to ink the agreement preventing him from participating in future proceedings and the public inquiry.

Lawsuit Filed in the BC Supreme Court

Mr. Soo was the individual that paved the way for VIP expansion at River Rock Casino. Back in 1983, he entered the staff as a dealer, gradually climbing the ladder and introducing a special zone for high rollers. Throughout the years, the British Columbia Gaming Enforcement Branch has launched several audits and investigations related to this very VIP zone.

Mr. Soo claims that President and CEO Rod Baker and President of Strategic Growth and Chief Compliance Officer Terrance Doyle seek protection with the aforementioned agreement. Mr. Soo is still determined to become part of this inquiry, as he wants to shed more light on his own responsibilities regarding money-laundering prevention and make it clear that what ensued was not his fault.

Mr. Baker and Mr. Doyle were the individuals to take care of this task. Playing a central part in Great Canadian Gaming’s expansion in British Columbia led to the increased shareholders’ value nearly ten times by 2014. His last months within the structure of the casino operator saw Mr. Soo work on the table games revenue at Casino Woodbine and other venues in the Greater Toronto area.