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CA$4.5b Taza Experience Development Unveils 2020 First Phase Launch

Taza Experience located in the vicinity of Grey Eagle Resort & Casino is preparing for the official launch of its first phase – Taza Exchange. Projections are that it would be completed by mid-2020, greenlighting operation of retail offerings for starters. Plans revealed that a 150,000-square-foot Costco store would be ready to welcome its first customers within the new development spanning over 45 acres of land.

Expectations are that the currently expanding casino resort would welcome even more patrons. For quite a while, all eyes are set on the southwest end of Calgary, an area that would see major development in the years to come. What makes it even more special is the fact that its developers are the Tsuut’ina Nation, the First Nation overseeing Grey Eagle Resort & Casino already welcoming local enthusiasts.

Taza Exchange Greenlights Retail Operation

The development would include a wide array of offerings within its property ranging from retail locations to entertainment and hospitality development balancing the project. It is essential for it to maintain a well-diverse palette of offerings attracting people of all ages with various interests. The first phase of this project is going to bring retail offerings to Calgary residents and people hailing from the region.

This includes a Costco location, which would be a rather special one, for the first time utilizing tribal land. The First Nation is about to greenlight the operation of 150,000 square feet of retail space within the Costco store opening in the summer of 2020. For those seeking more stores and offerings, The Shops at Buffalo Run is projected to be built right next to the affordable retail location.

Over some 250,000 square feet of space, the area would be up for grabs ahead of its official launch. The property is projected to bring clothing stores, entertainment, fast food restaurants, as well as banks. In order to attract a wider range of retailers, the TAZA project is about to offer lower taxes, transforming the area into an attractive opportunity.

Taza Park Relies on Gambling

Taza Park is part of the Taza Experience, also including Taza Exchange and Taza Crossing. When it comes to the Park development, the First Nation is ready to build on the already established hotspot that is Grey Eagle Resort and Casino. The special area is projected to come with zones accommodating open-air experiences, major concerts, various festivals, as well as market spaces.

The area is also going to feature the true spirit of the Tsuut’ina culture, elevating the experience to a memorable one. The commercial zone would span over 2.5 million square feet, whereas the retail area of Taza Park would amount to 2.3 million square feet. It could be recalled that the beginning of this year saw the official start of expansion at Grey Eagle Resort & Casino overseen by Tsuut’ina Gaming Limited Partnership.

The expansion will see more space added to it targeting casino patrons who prefer high-limit gaming action, increasing the overall footprint of the complex to 23,500 square meters. More people on site would mean more cars, which has prompted the obligatory expansion of the parking lot available on site. Taza Experience is projected to cost some CA$4.5 billion, with construction spanning over the next two decades.