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Grey Eagle Resort & Casino Expands ahead of Anticipated Taza Project Construction

Casino expansion and renovation are among the most efficient ways for keeping the player pool excited and attracting new casino patrons to a given venue. Grey Eagle Resort and Casino, which commenced work on its long-anticipated expansion utilizes this approach. By increasing the gambling space by 288 square meters, players will have the chance to enjoy more offerings on site of the tribal casino venue.

The casino venue has been in operation ever since 2007 when it launched operation and welcomed its first guests. Players seem to enjoy the familiar setting and the relationship they have established with the location, but it only makes sense for it to undergo renovation and expansion. With the help of the construction work that commenced this week the overall span of the complex is going to increase to 23,500 square meters. The need for expansion and more space for ideas stems from the ever-increasing interest towards the location.

Casino Expansion Creates More Opportunities

Live performances and spare time activities such as gaming are among the things that make Grey Eagle Resort and Casino a preferred location for many locals and tourists making their way there. Tsuut’ina council member Andy Onespot stated that the need for expansion is what proves that the casino resort is truly successful. For the casino venue, the next goal is providing high-rollers with more space for action on site.

Every action has its consequence and the casino resort management has been able to follow adequately the required steps towards improvement. Grey Eagle Casino’s venue will see more space added to it targeting casino patrons who prefer high-limit gaming action. More people on site would mean more cars, which has prompted the obligatory expansion of the parking lot available on site.

Roadworks have also taken place and Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis, the regulator overseeing the field, have closely supervised the entire project. The public also had the chance to chime in during the public input period of time. Tsuut’ina Gaming Limited Partnership is the tribal company that oversees management of the complex and owns the location.

Taza Project Would Also Boost Region

The tribal casino resort is able to provide members of the First Nation with a steady income and permanent employment. In addition to that, the gambling revenue amassed via the gaming operation on site is able to further boost the tribe’s development and improve the local community. Now that the expansion is already underway, another potential improvement is being discussed – the CA$4.5-billion Taza commercial development project.

This 17-million-square-foot project is among the most impressive First Nations projects in the region, featuring hospitality offerings, as well as quality entertainment, and shopping opportunities for everyone. It features three segments to the likes of Taza Park, Taza Crossing, and Taza Exchange and once it launches operation, it has the potential to significantly increase interest towards the existing tribal casino venue.

Its construction is projected to span over the next 20 years and members of neighboring communities such as Lakeview have already expressed their desire to have a say on the development of the extensive project.