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Hastings Racecourse Witnesses Arrests, Supposed Immigration Protection Act Breach

This Monday was an eventful one at the Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver, as the Canadian Border Services Agency conducted the arrest of a group of people on site. They happened in collaboration with the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, as the agents made their way to the racetrack around 6 a.m.

About 25 people were then escorted in order to answer the questions related to the ongoing investigation. The Vancouver racetrack is a hotspot for local horse racing enthusiasts that frequent it on a regular basis.

It is able to attract them both with live racing part of its annual schedule and with the betting taking place during the live Thoroughbred horse racing events. For over 130 years, it has been offerings premium experience to the locals and people from across British Columbia but now there are allegations of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act issues.

Vancouver Racecourse Sees Arrests

The early hours of this week saw agents of the Canada Border Services Agency make their way to the Hastings Racecourse in order to have a frank conversation with some of the individuals present there at the time. Witnesses that saw everything happening at the racetrack have reported that some 25 people were approached for a conversation, followed by them being taken away for further questioning.

It has also been confirmed that about 15 of them returned to the racetrack later on that day. As it confirmed, the Canada Border Services Agency took the time to launch a probe directly linked to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. However, it refused to reveal more on the investigation that is currently in progress. Issuing further information on the subject would do more harm than good when it comes to its ultimate results.

The arrests conducted by the agents suggest that there has been a breach of the Customs Act or the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Any information issuing would make it harder for the agents to conduct a wholesome investigation on the subject involving the people that have remained for questioning.

Great Canadian Not Linked to Cuffed Individuals

Meanwhile, Great Canadian Gaming issued its own statement shedding more light onto the people that had been arrested earlier that day. The arrested individuals are linked to some of the horse owners at Hastings Racecourse. The racetrack backstretch is where they have been working on a daily basis, but it should also be taken into account that they are not linked to the casino operator.

The Canadian gaming leader pointed out that the casino operator or Hastings Racecourse has not employed the arrested people and their communication happens with the horse owners and trainers available on site of the racecourse. More information on the subject is expected to be revealed soon. The beginning of May saw the official greenlighting of the live schedule for this year.

This year is a special one, as it marks 130 years of operation. It brought major celebrations and live coverage of 2019 Kentucky Derby taking place at Churchill Downs. The live schedule also featured beloved by many live races with corgi dogs, wieners, and bulldogs with a total of six events this summer.