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Unifor National Goes to War with Gateway Casinos Seeking Employees Protection

The Casino Rama saga continues creating news with each passing day, as many individuals stated their opposition to staff reduction. The latest action on the subject comes from the labor union protecting workers rights, Unifor National.

In response to the recent layoffs that Gateway Casinos & Entertainment announced, the union is willing to protect people relying on this job. More information is going to be unveiled this Wednesday.

Spending optimization is a crucial step of every big company development, as such a move guarantees sustainability down the road and the opportunity to expand operation. Gateway Casinos is aware of this approach and amid its modernization process, it announced the layoff of 70 unionized employees, in addition to an undisclosed number of non-unionized workers. Such a move was welcomed with outrage and promises for justice and better protection.

Unionized Workers Deserve Fair Conditions

Unifor National President Jerry Dias stated that conversation with the casino operator would have to take place in the foreseeable future, as to prevent future unpleasant situations and more layoffs. The ultimate goal would be for the labor union to prove a point and put its foot down when it comes to protecting employees relying on it.

When all is said and done, a labor union’s main goal is to keep its members’ interest at heart and represent their position before the employer. In the Casino Rama debate, this means that Unifor has to guarantee full-time employees with years of experience on site that their efforts have not gone to waste.

Tshweu Moleme, a union representative at the casino venue, stated that Gateway Casinos’ officials have not witnessed Casino Rama’s entire development over the years. They have not grown with the people working there since the very beginning of operation, and therefore they should not negatively impact their lives. In order to ignite the process, July 25 saw a special meeting between the national Unifor brain trust and the executive committee from the local union.

Unifor Fights Back

This Wednesday is about to see yet another meeting, that would shed more light onto the union’s plans and its strategy for battling unfair conditions. Starting at 9 a.m. and continuing all the way until 5 p.m. at the Best Western Mariposa Inn. where a conversation would allow everyone directly impacted by this staff reduction the chance to share their thoughts. Casino Rama employees are encouraged to attend the meeting.

August 6 is another important date on many calendars, as this is when the labor union is expected to meet Gateway Casinos officials for a frank conversation on staff reduction and seeking a mutually beneficial approach. In order to make a statement, Unifor would seek support from the Orillia community and the government. It should be taken into account that the union perceives Gateway Casinos as a company threatening the viable nature of Casino Rama.

The casino resort has always been perceived as a location where steady employment could be found and people could rely on regular payments. Things have changed exactly a year after the location was privatized by the leading casino operator and something has to be done. In addition to Casino Rama, Gateway Casinos Innisfil also suffered layoffs.