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British Columbians Immerse into the World of eSports in Vancouver, Richmond

The world of eSports offers vast opportunities for both gaming, socializing, and betting, eventually making for an activity beneficial for all parties involved in it. Canadians are getting to know the activity more and more nowadays and a special documentary explores the rising popularity of competitive video gaming in Vancouver.

Smash Forward was boosted by Telus’ StoryHive fund supporting riveting stories. Nowadays the topic of eSports has sparked the curiosity of people across the world, let alone the nation.

Alternative and new career paths are created on a daily basis and competitive video gaming appears to be attracting more and more young people with considerable gaming skills and the drive to capitalize on them. Playing video games at international festivals and tournaments is the exact opposite of the antisocial idea many people have on gamers.

eSports Gains Popularity in Vancouver

Canadians are becoming more interested in exploring the eSports world and the new documentary is about to reveal more about British Columbia the way competitive video gaming has influenced its residents.

A study conducted by Mintel and published in its Attitudes toward Gaming report reveals 22 percent of them consider eSports equal to traditional sporting events.

Smash Forward aims to highlight everything currently happening within the field and the path of development it has taken through the years leading to this. Vancouver has demonstrated it is passionate about eSports, as last year it was the proud host of The International, a renowned gaming tournament with cash prizes amounting to CA$25 million.

All enthusiasts of legal age had the chance to explore both the gaming and gambling potential of this gathering. Melissa Dex Guzman, a video gamer with years of experience in the field wanted to learn more about British Columbia’s eSports preferences and so she created the documentary.

Smash Forward aims to show the true face of eSports and educate people on the possibilities it offers. Like every new thing, many people were quick to classify competitive video gaming as a pastime activity for kids. Mrs. Guzman wanted to speak to the people shaping the field, so she contacted over 400 individuals directly related to the local eSports field.

Richmond Launches Gaming Stadium in 2021

The documentary explores crucial factors for the activity, such as the location where major tournaments and even amateur gaming battles could take place. For the time being, British Columbia does not have an arena specifically designed for this activity. It has been confirmed that the Vancouver Titans will introduce the Overwatch League to Vancouver.

Rogers Arena, home to the Vancouver Canucks Hockey team, located in a central part of Vancouver is going to welcome the live gaming battle. This year saw a step forward for Canada’s first eSports arena called the Gaming Stadium. A temporary gaming facility welcoming up to 110 individuals was supposed to pave the way for the grand arena.

Construction of the permanent stadium is projected to commence at the beginning of next year. According to the initial schedule, the project would be able to welcome eSports enthusiasts by mid-2021. In addition to the battle arena for major tournaments, the project would also come with a training center where players could work on their skills and become even better.