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Thunder Bay Paves the Way for eSports Enthusiasts with Inaugural Gaming Event

The world of competitive video gaming is among the fastest growing and developing ones on a global scale. Canada is also keeping up with the ever-changing eSports field, evident by the recent announcement coming from Thunder Bay. Quest: Thunder Bay’s First Annual Tech & Gaming Event would see its inaugural edition on May 31, focusing the attention to the world of eSports tournaments and all gaming and gambling possibilities they have on offer.

This year is going to mark a milestone for Canada when it comes to competitive video gaming, as the country is about to welcome the launch of its first eSports arena called Gaming Stadium in Richmond. Projections are that it would place the country on the map of major eSports events. The field is already bracing for it and in the meantime, Thunder Bay wants to reserve a spot with its inaugural gaming convention.

Competitive Video Gaming Attracts Attention

It is going to welcome enthusiasts on May 31 and continue on the following day. Gaming enthusiasts from near and far are preparing for the official launch of the two-day event, which would excite the community with its gaming potential and shed more light onto the budding field.

At exactly 6 p.m. on May 31 locals will have the chance to participate in eSports tournaments, as well as various related activities immersing them in the world of competitive video gaming. For many people, eSports is something rather vague and a hard to perceive idea, but Quest would aim to make everything about it clearer.

Individuals interested in learning more will have the chance to do so. In addition to that, Thunder Bay has teamed up with Ontario eSports League which would guarantee competitive gaming tournaments on both days of the congregation. They are going to range from Fortnite and FIFA to NHL attracting players of all ages and with various preferences.

Deadline for Registration is May 26

May 31 is going to see the official start of live action at 6 p.m. spanning all the way to 10 p.m. On the next day individuals eager to learn more will be able to reunite once again at 10 a.m. and make a day of it until 7 p.m. Among the main goals for officials responsible for the event is to spark the interest in eSports and trigger people to explore the new opportunity.

In the days leading up to the two-day event, enthusiasts will have the chance to register for participation in the live tournaments. This could potentially bring forward some players hidden talents and push them towards a career in this booming field. Enthusiasts could register both on the City of Thunder Bay Facebook page and on the official website of the community.

They have time to make up their mind and register for participation until 5 p.m. on May 26. It could be recalled that earlier this year the Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology in Oshawa launched its eSports arena that would aim to both train people interested in competing professionally and host eSports tournaments.