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Quebec Lottery Points of Sale Prepare for a Revamp, More Efficient Monitoring

Loto-Quebec is looking forward to introducing a breath of fresh air to its retail locations in the upcoming years, a feat that would be accomplished with the help of collaboration. SE2 is Sherbrooke-based company that is expected to bring innovation to the gaming field of Quebec and improve the player experience while ticket purchasing is taking place.

Alice POS is going to freshen up 113 Loto-Quebec kiosks sprinkled across the province. Striving to bring something new to the field and exploring new opportunities on a regular basis is among the key factors that enable a company to grow big and meet players’ expectations.

Large gaming corporations such as Loto-Quebec are willing to go above and beyond for the well-being of their customers, which mandates new partnerships bringing new offerings. SE2 was chosen as the company that would best meet the provincial corporation’s goals down the road.

Loto-Quebec Implements Alice POS

This could be possible thanks to the innovative approach of founders Charles Beaupré and François Côté. They have been on a constant pursuit of a system catering to all management needs. More than 20 years ago, the two of them were looking for a simple solution to their inventory issues.

This prompted the creation of a platform that would manage every single video game purchase Mr. Beaupre made at his very own Dimension company. This was supposed to help him in his work and eventually ended up being a primary product of the SE2 company that is now going to collaborate with Loto-Quebec.

Alice POS is the system that would make the corporation’s work easier down the road, implementing seamless omnipresent technology. The name is linked to the Resident Evil video games and later on movies merchandise, as the two founders are fond of them.

Ever since 2003, the company has been in operation offering this advanced platform, but 2014 was when the two of them were able to really focus on the improvement of the program and preparing it for collaboration with more companies willing to have a better vision over their operation.

Lottery Enthusiasts Could Claim Major Jackpots

Nowadays, the influence of Alice POS could be seen across Canada, the US, Colombia, Panama, and even Egypt, with companies that have trust in its proficiency. Quebec is preparing for the innovation that is to come to its lottery retail locations. This collaboration will make operation much more optimized. The conversation has been in progress ever since April 2017.

Back then, all pros and cons of the new Point-of-Sale platform were evaluated, keeping in mind additional gambling factors. Loto-Quebec is able to power local non-profit organizations and charities, which will be implemented in the future Alice POS operation. The introduction of this new system will happen in a gradual manner and all employees operating with it on a day-to-day basis will go through an extensive training guaranteeing a smooth transition.

The process was already in full swing in November 2018. Meanwhile, lottery enthusiasts across the province are once again urged to take a good look around their houses, as there are some CA$5,420,193 in unclaimed lottery jackpots lingering. They are going to see their expiry dates in the upcoming weeks, the most recent one being June 25. The lottery corporation has also been under fire for its transparency policy, especially when it comes to senior positions.