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Loto-Quebec Seeks Kiosks Efficiency with Omnipresent POS Platform

When it comes to lottery offerings and their accessibility, people should be able to enjoy their purchases and the way they take place. Loto-Quebec was searching for a reliable partner and found it, introducing the new collaboration with Alice POS. The advanced and intuitive system has now been implemented in all 113 retail locations across the province and players have the opportunity to try it.

Being on the pursuit of excellence, one must always seek improvement and adding something new to the offerings and the overall experience. Loto-Quebec showcases its efforts in this direction with the latest collaboration it inked with the cloud retail platform. Alice POS is proficient when it comes to multiple locations and keeping them up to date, meaning that the new task is going to fit the platform like a glove.

Cloud POS Software Optimizes Retail Locations

Retail kiosks across the province are in need of optimization and a more efficient way of operation, meaning that a new solution had to be introduced. This is why the lottery corporation decided it would be best if Alice POS took over the omnipresent platform. With this move, Loto-Quebec aims to achieve better monitoring throughout the area of influence.

The new introduction would ensure that every single retail location lives up to the expectations for efficiency and the standards established by the corporation. April 2017 was a special time, as NEOPOS the driving force of this collaboration made the proposal and brought forward Alice POS when the lottery corporation was still seeking a reliable partner. Alice POS was recommended back then as a Point-of-Sale solution that could match the proficiency of Loto-Quebec.

With the introduction of Alice POS all locations would have the chance to maintain steady communication channels and receive and send information in real time. The kiosks will also be directly linked to the Non-Profit Organizations overseeing their operation, resulting in a healthy relationship. In addition to that, the Loto-Quebec head office will also have direct access to the information provided by the new platform.

Loto-Quebec Dedicates 2019 to Innovation

Steven Raymond, vice president of sales at NEOPOS, pointed out that the platform is created with networks in mind and as such, it has the potential to transform the communication and retail operation into a hassle-free experience. Just like every other new introduction, this one also mandated extensive training for all employees directly interacting with the platform.

Sylvain Henri, Retail Sales Manager at Loto-Québec, stated that Alice POS actively collaborated in the education phase of the partnership, aiming to ensure that the staff in its entirety is well-acquainted with its functionality. With the help of this improved monitoring approach, the provincial gambling field is projected to see an improvement when it comes to organized crime levels. November 2018 saw the installation of POS software across the retail locations, finishing the process.

The lottery corporation would now have significant control over the software, as it would be able to manage it on its own. In times of need, the supplying company would also be able to interfere. Innovation has been a main goal for the corporation, as it could be recalled that the first days of January saw Loto-Quebec ink a partnership with Evolution Gaming. This collaboration would bring live casino across the province.