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Casino du Charlevoix Attracts Some 34Pct of Tourists, New Study Shows

Salon de Jeux in Quebec City could soon be relocated to a new area, to bring a positive influence on its operation, but this could spell death to the local casino. A new study aims to provide more information on the potential impact of the gaming hall relocation.

It showed that in the 2017-2018 period, some 34 percent of the individuals traveling to the area do so just because they wanted to gamble at Casino du Charlevoix. When it comes to a gaming venue, regardless of its scale it is always able to support the local host community with its gaming revenue allocations.

It is also often among the main drivers for the local economy, as businesses also benefit from the increased flow of individuals. The Quebec City gaming hall could soon have a new permanent address, if previously announced Coalition Avenir Quebec plans come to fruition.

Gambling Hall Relocation Concerns Charlevoix Community

A special study aimed to shed more light on the current impact of this gaming hall and the information it brought met previous expectations and estimations. About 34 percent of the tourists making their way to Charlevoix between 2017 and 2018 were doing so because of the variety of gaming offerings available on site of the casino.

Some 25 percent of the players are permanent Quebec City residents. La Malbaie municipality decided to conduct its own research on the subject, but in order to really take things into perspective, another study would have to be issued.

Loto-Quebec is currently working on its own evaluation on Salon de Jeux’ impact on Charlevoix and Quebec City and the information it offers would be crucial for any further steps taken. Émilie Foster, Member of Parliament for Charlevoix -Côte-de-Beaupré, pointed out that all conclusions are necessary.

Once both studies reach a conclusion and are thoroughly reviewed, a plan for action could be devised. The two parallel studies are necessary, as they would offer two independent perspectives on the situation. Once pieces of information are gathered, Michel Couturier, Mayor of La Malbaie would seek s personal meeting with Quebec Prime Minister.

Loto-Quebec Study Would Also Help

For the time being, Mrs. Foster thinks that this meeting could be postponed to a later date, but nevertheless, it should happen. La Malbaie Mayor pointed out that the community should be given the chance to have a say in the situation that affects its future financial state and support. This Monday is scheduled to see the official meeting between Mrs. Foster, Mr. Couturier, and the deputy Prime Minister.

Previous estimations have shown that the gaming hall relocation to Charlevoix is going to have a devastating impact on Casino de Charlevoix’ current operation. As of now, the latter venue has seen a 40-percent drop in its employees’ numbers and gaming revenue has also experienced a slump. Cannibalization of the field is going to hit both locations once the relocation happens.

Quebec Tourism Minister Caroline Proulx has previously announced gaming is important for the region and it should be protected. This is the support La Malbaie Mayor Couturier relies on. Casino de Charlevoix has been in operation for the past 25 years and such a hit could be a devastating one for the community.