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Lotto MAX CA$55M Winner ‘Fell to the Ground’ Upon Realizing He’s Multimillionaire

Lotto MAX is among the preferred lottery games for millions of Canadians purchasing the lucky tickets on a regular basis. The lottery offering is able to guarantee some of them the new life they desire, as it happened with the Whitby, Ontario player eligible for the grand CA$55-million jackpot. Dwayne Williams found it hard to believe that he is Canada’s next multimillionaire, convinced that there is a bug in the system or someone has hacked the OLG app.

Lottery winners have various stories about how they found out that they are in fact eligible for the grand prize. Most of them include phrases as “This is unbelievable”, “I was dumbfounded”, and “I thought the lottery app was frozen”. The level of disbelief when one finds out that they had won a grand windfall could be endearing but it is usually followed by the realization that the grand lottery jackpot would have to be claimed in the foreseeable future.

Shocking Jackpot Winning

Mr. Williams waited for almost two months to do so. He is the lucky winner eligible for the grand jackpot from the April 5 Lotto MAX draw. This means that he is now the proud winner of a CA$55-million jackpot offered by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. He took his time before bagging the generous pile of cash, as the surprise was too overwhelming.

In Mr. Williams’ family, this is a sort of a tradition involving the lottery ticket checking on a Saturday morning. Up until now, Lotto MAX had draws every Friday, meaning that the Saturdays were dedicated to checking whether the family has won the latest lottery jackpot.

However, on April 6 life got in the way and Mr. Williams had no time to look at the ticket numbers and compare them to the ones drawn. He heard that the winning ticket was sold in the Oshawa area. Upon hearing that he was joking with his wife that they are the winners, but made a mental note to check the ticket later in the day. This is when he found out it was actually the winning one.

Family Waited Nearly 2 Months to Claim Prize

He used the most convenient way of checking the lottery ticket – the OLG app. This phone application allows players to scan their tickets in order to guarantee quick and error-free draw monitoring. It eliminates the error factor of typing the wrong numbers or seeing a matching number when there is no such.

Mr. Williams first thought upon finding out that he is in possession of the winning ticket was that the OLG app has fallen prey to a cyber attack. His family was equally as surprised and excited when he told them, but he also wanted to keep a clear vision for the future.

The family researching the ways in which it could manage their multimillion award caused the weeks of delay. Mr. Williams is also determined to give his children the good example of being an active member of society and remain in the workforce.