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Japan Budding Gambling Field Seeks Know-How from Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare

Problem gambling is a topic of large discussion around the globe as it could affect any player with unhealthy gaming habits. Japan is looking for know-how from Canadian experts as officials made their way to Windsor recently and visited The Centre for Problem Gambling and Digital Dependency at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare. Brick-and-mortar casino venues would make their way to Japan come 2020, meaning that preparation is a must.

Seeking the most adequate protection for its players should be of utmost importance for every casino operator and government, as this would guarantee that the gambling offering would not have a negative impact on the community. This week was a special one, as Japan officials wanted to make the best of their Canadian trip and make their way both to Toronto and Windsor, where the center is located. It has more than 25 years of experience with addictive behavior.

Problem Gambling Battle Continues for 25 Years

The sole residential center taking care of individuals experiencing gambling addiction is among the highlights of Windsor, as it has helped thousands of people. Over 25 years of operation, this location has been able to complete as many as 200 three-week cycles. The Japanese officials seeking more information about the center and the practices it has on offer were eager to learn more.

They made their way to a special presentation about the offerings it features the programs for individuals including both group discussions and activities, and personal attention. The Centre for Problem Gambling and Digital Dependency tackles gambling addiction taking its toll on people’s relationships and personal growth.

In addition to that, it also strives to battle addictive behavior related to modern offerings, such as technology. In its essence, it is the addictive personality that drives both dependencies and work has to be focused on finding the core reason for it. The unique for the area center could be the first step in the right direction followed by more work on understanding where it all stems from.

Japan Anticipated Casino Operation Launch

Danielle Loiselle, Problem Gambling Counsellor on site, pointed out that individuals have the chance to leave the world behind them and spend 19 days at the center. This is where they learn about emotional regulation, money management, and more. They also have the chance to undergo the program away from Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare and at the comfort of their own home.

During the presentation and the tour around the facility, Japan officials had the chance to compare attitude towards gambling in Canada and in their home country. Canadians willing to join the program are encouraged to talk about their previous traumatic experiences and work through the trauma. Meanwhile, opening in such a way is not a common thing in Japan. This would inevitably have an effect in the way similar programs are developed within the budding gaming field.

Japanese officials had realistic expectations when it comes to gambling addiction treatment and its rates of success. Several attempts and relapses are often experienced and sometimes this is for the best. The budding casino field of Japan received a green light in the summer of 2018 and the first casino resort is projected to welcome its first casino patrons in the 2020s.