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Ontario Has Millions Worth of Unclaimed Lottery Jackpots Expiring this Year

Lottery prizes have a certain expiration date like so many other things and this is the reason why many lottery winners are prompted to check their pockets and homes for any misplaced lottery tickets, forgotten ones, as well as tickets that have yet to be checked.

Ontario is going to see the expiration date of many lottery tickets, but there is still time for them to be claimed by their rightful owners. One of the largest cash prizes in Ontario that have not been claimed for the time being is a CA$1-million Lotto 6/49 one.

This particular draw took place on October 31, 2018, and a ticket purchased in Guelph is now eligible for the generous winning. This winning was one of the mandatory prizes and the winning ticket has 47559907 – 01 printed on it. Another CA$1-million Lotto MAX jackpot could make its way to Toronto in the upcoming months.

Generous Cash Prizes Await Winners

December 21, 2018, was a special day for one Lotto MAX player who purchased a winning ticket for the regular draw. Numbers drawn on this life-changing day were 20-23-24-30-37-38-43 and they matched the ones printed on the Toronto ticket.

As of now, the player has not contacted the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation in order to claim their prize. Lotto MAX is always exceptionally generous, evident by the July 13 draw, which equated to yet another CA$1-million jackpot prize.

The winner had purchased this winning piece of paper in the western part of Toronto but has not bagged their prize. Numbers to the likes of 2-6-13-28-29-32-44 are printed on the lottery ticket. Whoever is in possession of this ticket has less than three months to claim their prize.

The rural regions of Toronto have also been blessed with generous jackpots thanks to Lotto MAX. Now the only thing left for lottery enthusiasts is to locate their tickets and bag their cash prizes. December 7, 2018, saw one Lotto MAX ticket match the numbers drawn and become instantly eligible for CA$500,000.

Special System Could Help Even When a Ticket Is Lost

Numbers printed on it might have a special significance for whoever had chosen them for the winning draw and those are 10-11-20-24-26-30-32. If the prize has not been claimed within the mandatory 52-week time frame, this amount of money would be allocated to the lottery and is used for future draws.

Rural Toronto saw another major Lotto MAX jackpot when a player made a purchase there for the October 26, 2018 lottery draw. Numbers that appeared on the screen back then were no other than 12-15-26-32-39-40-43. This resulted in a cash prize of CA$333,333.40 awaiting its winner and available until October 26, 2019. This very day was also special for a Lotto MAX ticket purchased in Mississauga.

This game is a preferred one, as it has a CA$60-million cap, which would increase to CA$70 million mid-May. Last October the numbers drawn were 2-4-5-31-40-46-49. It is a matter of time before these lottery jackpots see their expiration date while players miss the life-changing opportunity of claiming a substantial cash prize.

For players who believe they are the winners, but can not locate the ticket, there is the DART system which could confirm the ticket information they provide and validate their claim.