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Gateway Casinos Readies for Wasaga Beach Casino Construction Work

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment has officially made up its mind and chosen the site of its new casino venue in Wasaga Beach. The casino operator issued the information this week revealing that the new venue is going to be built in the vicinity of Mosley Street roundabout. The new gambling location is estimated to attract the largest crowd from Wasaga Beach and neighboring communities.

A long-anticipated announcement arrived at Wasaga Beach this Thursday, as the casino operator made its decision following careful evaluation of all five proposed sites. Considering all relevant factors resulted in the pinpointing of the well-known roundabout as their final choice. The area was eyed as one of the most likely to be chosen by the gambling operator for its future gaming operation in the area.

Casino Operator Announced Official Decision

The chosen area amounts to a 7.5-acre land lot in the west end of Wasaga Beach and is in an important for the community zone of the town. It is situated near Highway 26, providing a constant flow of potential casino patrons and easy access to the venue. It is also in the vicinity of Beachwood Drive, another prosperous part of Wasaga Beach.

It could be recalled that the beachfront area was considered a viable option for casino operation, according to local businesses operating in the lively part of the town. Ever since October the casino operator has considered the five proposed options by the City Council and speculations were swirling around. Mayor Nina Bifolchi pointed out that local officials welcome the announcement and now it is time for the next step of the project.

Now that the chosen area of construction is announced, the provincial government gets to have a saying and give its approval. Only after this matter is settled, construction work on site would be allowed to start. Projections are it could commence in the upcoming weeks. The previously issued timeline of the casino construction highlighted the summer of 2020 as the projected time of grand opening.

Official Launch in the Summer of 2020

The new gaming venue is about to give the local employment market a steady push, as it would need some 150 individuals at various positions. Job interviews are going to take place in the months ahead of the launch of operation. In addition to that, another positive impact to the community would be the revenue sharing agreement that would guarantee regular allocations to the city coffers.

At this point, projections made promise the area would have to brace for annual cheques of CA$1.5 million to CA$2 million which could then be used for various local projects, local improvements, and beautification work around Wasaga Beach. The new complex will not focus solely on gaming, however, as it would also feature more family-friendly offerings. Gateway Casinos signature dining offerings are about to become the new hotspot.

Keith Andrews, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Gateway Casinos Ontario announced the land transaction is expected to happen in the upcoming weeks paving the way for future development. Gateway Casinos will make April special with the launch of the renovated and rebranded Playtime Hanover following a CA$18-million investment. The month of July is also going to see the grand opening of the CA$36-million Cascades Casino in Chatham-Kent.