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Loto-Quebec Surge in Lottery and Online Gaming Popularity Makes Revenue Goals Feasible

Quebec players enjoy a wide range of gaming offerings and their enthusiasm was evident by the recently issued Loto-Quebec third-quarter revenue showing a significant year-on-year increase. The revenue generated during this third quarter of the fiscal 2018-2019 adds up to the previous two quarters to reach consolidated revenue of CA$2.165 billion. In the meantime, the net income for the first nine months of the fiscal year reached the CA$1.122-billion mark. Percentage-wise this surge shows that the province enjoys the gaming options available more and more.

The past twelve months have been heated for the province lottery corporation seeking to meet players’ high expectations at all times with its gambling offerings. An improvement is best observed in hindsight and this is possible thanks to the regular revenue reports, such as the most recent one. When it comes to revenue in its entirety, Loto-Quebec witnessed a 7.8-percent surge in comparison to the first nine months of the previous fiscal year. This equates to a surge of CA$156.9 million.

Loto-Quebec Could Reach Its CA$1.261B Goal

February 2018 saw a revenue report showcasing CA$2,008 billion bagged at the end of the first three quarters of the fiscal year. The lottery corporation proud of its accomplishments and improved gaming praised this positive direction of development. In the meantime, net income also saw a surge over this time period. A year-on-year comparison showed that last February’s report issued publicly net income of CA$1.019 billion.

When compared to the current data, there is a well-rounded 10.1-percent jump in the net income figure, another positive sign. In digits, this reaches a CA$103-million increase, which is a figure to reckon with. Considering these figures and looking forward to the last quarter of the fiscal year, the future appears to be bright. Lynne Roiter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Loto-Quebec stated that for the time being the corporation seems well on its way to achieving its net income target for this year.

It amounts to CA$1.261 billion, considerably higher than last year’s one. At the moment this goal is feasible, considering the pace at which the figures are rising. The factor that contributed most for this increase was lottery operation across the province and the generous cash payouts many Quebecois definitely boosted tally. It added some 18 percent to the revenue surge with the Lotto MAX game jackpots and the rising popularity of instant lottery purchases.

Lotto MAX and Live Online Casino Prove Beneficial

People across Quebec seem to be more eager to try their luck and purchase both traditional and instant lottery tickets. They have enjoyed raging popularity for years, but this is even more visible when progressive jackpots begin to increase at a breakneck speed. This month saw two co-workers from the Montreal region splitting a CA$26.6-million Lotto MAX jackpot.

In addition to the lottery operation, casino venues overseen by the lottery corporation were also able to contribute to the overall upwards movement. Casino de Montreal is among the heated locations at the moment as a result of the grand celebrations of its 25th birthday. Casino patrons enjoying its offerings over this special period of the year added some 4.2 percent to Loto-Quebec income jump at the end of Q3.

What should also be taken into account is that online gaming is currently on the rise thanks to the partnership inked between the lottery corporation and Evolution Gaming. Online Live casino action is available for everyone interested in diverse gaming at ever since the beginning of January. Revenue saw a 32-percent jump as a result.