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Gateway Casinos Actively Collaborates with London City Hall Speeding Up Project

December 2018 saw a rapid turn of events and the subsequent reactions of individuals and businesses directly affected by Gateway Casinos’ change of plans when it comes to its future operation in London. Now with new influence making it to the leading positions of the city, the casino operator sees bright future ahead and faster pace of development in the upcoming months.

Mayor Ed Holder became the 64th Mayor of the City of London with promises to bring a breath of fresh air to the region. He was a Conservative MP and voters chose him with the help of the first ranked ballot vote in modern Canadian municipal history. Matt Brown who was responsible for the community for one term only occupied the leading position up until this point and it could be recalled that this was when Gateway Casinos first made a move towards building a casino venue in the region.

Gateway Casinos London Could Soon Become Reality

The initial plan was for it to utilize the opportunities Western Fair District has on offer and the gaming potential it already provides. Individuals making their way to the racetrack were projected to enjoy the gaming offerings and the mutually beneficial relationship seemed to be promising. However, negotiations between the casino operator and local officials took longer than expected, as both parties could not reach a mutually agreeable set of conditions to guide the future casino venue.

More than two years were lost on conversations with former Mayor Matt Brown and it could be recalled that it was previously confirmed that the casino operator was not prepared to provide the needed financial boost that Western Fair District currently bags. This led to the eventual change of plans that could prove to be a more feasible plan for action in the long run. Rob Mitchell, Director of Communications for Gateway Casinos stated that at this point the conversation goes well.

Mayor Holder has already reached out to the City Hall and the development department in order to facilitate the communication process and move forward the project. The new location that was chosen by the casino developer is on Wonderland Road seeking to make the best of the vibrant area and the constant flow of people. It would also provide the casino venue with individuality, as it is not going to be part of a bigger already existing structure such as the racetrack.

New Mayor Brings New Pace to the Conversation

Mr. Mitchell stated that at this point gambling prospects in London seem more than feasible and preparation work is expected to continue at a faster pace. The next milestone for this project would be the receiving of approval, a step that would be aided by the development department closely collaborating with Gateway Casinos at the moment.

Maintaining close contact with city officials is essential at this point and the results would be visible soon. Upcoming weeks would see several important steps being taken, the first one being the public rezoning process that is mandatory for a project of this magnitude.

In addition to this move, casino construction would also bring with itself the environmental and archeological assessment that would ensure that the site is safe for construction and it will not harm the existing equilibrium.