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Kingsway Entertainment District Issues Cost-Sharing Info, Appellants Seek Funds to Continue Battle

Kingsway Entertainment District’s management has finally revealed more about the way this project is going to be financed by the four parties involved in its development. Those are Gateway Casinos, landowner Dario Zulich, the City of Greater Sudbury, and the developer who would work on the hotel on site. The detailed cost-sharing arrangement shows how roadworks, intersection improvements, site preparation, and other preparatory projects will benefit from the partners. Meanwhile one of the project appellants seeks more cash to continue the fight.

Major projects such as the entertainment zone, which could soon be constructed in Greater Sudbury, are in need of major financial support. In the meantime, the public also deserves to know the source of cash poured into a given project, as well as who is going to finance it. In order to put an end to all speculations and provide the community with more information, the City of Greater Sudbury made it clear how each partner is going to contribute to the preparation work before construction of the project.

Gateway Casinos Funds Preparation Work

Before construction on site could commence, the area has to be prepared and this includes mandatory activities such as blasting and grading of the site, stormwater management pond, as well as work on the festival square. Each of the parties involved will provide its financial support. Gateway Casinos will have to guarantee 14.7 percent of the funding for both roadworks in the area and intersection improvements, whereas the City will provide 27.9 percent of the cost for each of them.

The casino developer will also offer 29.4 percent of the cost for blasting and grading on site, a process funded mainly by the City. Similar is the case with the stormwater management pond, that will see 50-percent funding from the City, whereas the casino operator will pour in some 26.5 percent of the overall cost. For the time being, Mr. Zulich has not announced the name of the company that is going to construct the hotel tower, but talks are in progress with several of them.

Negotiation process also utilizes the cost-sharing agreement, as he is looking for a company that would agree to these conditions. However, the timeline of the project would also be taken into account and if the conversation with various hotel developers takes longer than expected, he would cover the expenses meant to be paid by the hotel developer.

People Appealing the Project Will Raise Funds

For the time being, Mr. Zulich, owner of the Sudbury Wolves and Sudbury Five will mainly take care of the road works and intersection improvements, funding half of each. However, this is only the first step of the project that is estimated to cost some CA $100 million. City event center project Director David Shelsted said that this preparation work equals about 15 percent of the overall cost of the entertainment zone.

At the end of the day, the community should be content with the way Kingsway Entertainment District is going to utilize their taxpayers’ support and this publicly issued cost-sharing agreement aims to reassure them. This is especially important right now, as controversy swirls around the project and potential launch of operation could take place around the end of 2021. The newly-formed Local Planning Appeal Tribunal continues its review on appeals to the project and there are appellants such as Tom Fortin willing to inform the community on the LPAT.

Up until this point more than CA$300,000 has been spent on appeals against Kingsway Entertainment District. February 21 is going to see a special fundraising congregation at the Caruso Club that will provide fellow appellants with the chance to learn more about the process. Tickets for participation cost CA$100 per person, whereas tables cost CA$800. Mr. Fortin himself appealed that the introduction of a new casino venue would not bring a significant boost to the local tourism.